Monday, March 30, 2015

4 years and 6 months!

Year four didn't exactly start off like the magical year I thought it would be. But it did work it's way there! Four has been great these last few months. The boys are so fun and they still don't need anything fancy or expensive to have a great time. Just give them some sand and they have a blast! They are generally well behaved and there is much less fighting than ever before. They are never bored (never have been for that matter), all they need is each other and they keep busy all day long. We can take them to restaurants even ones that don't have kids play areas and people admire how well behaved they are. It is so funny to hear them talk both because they say just the random-est things and because they have full on toddler accents. They are still so cute, not in a baby way but because they do and say cute things all the time. I really wouldn't say this about any other stage of their lives but I wouldn't mind keeping them four forever : )

CET exactly 4.5 years old!
Jumping zoo animals
Caleb looking very sweet

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