Friday, March 6, 2015


We're on a very confusing trip. Confusing for the boys that is. Let me explain....

So from time to time we show the boys where all our family lives on maps or globes. The boys know that uncle G lives in China, mama Elda lives in California, aunt A lives in Australia, and so on. Well several months ago we found out that uncle G was engaged and the wedding would be in Buffalo NY (the bride to be is from Buffalo). Phil and I took the opportunity to plan a vacation around uncle G's wedding and visit Toronto as well since it is only a 2 hour drive from Buffalo. We explained all this to the boys and man are they confused!

On our flights to New York Eli kept saying we were going to china to see uncle G We tried to corret him but it may have just confussed him more. When we arrived in Buffalo we told the boys that uncle G is in New York now but he doesn't actually live here. Also that we woulnd't see him quite yet and that we are first drivng up to Toronto to just explore and have fun But they really don't get why we are here. Why are we in Toronto?

So we have been in Toronto now for a couple of days now staying at a vacation apartment we rented which the boys think is uncle G's house....oh my so confused!

Our travel day went very smoothly but it was EXHAUSTING! Our flight left PDX at 6:40 am so we were up since 3am. From the anxiety of all that the next day held I slept approximatley 3 hours in which I spent all that time dreaming that we had missed our flight. We landed in JFK (the day before that plane skidded at laguardia [the other airport in NY city] that closed the airport!!!). Next we flew into Buffalo and got into a minivan we rented and drove two hours to Toronto. We arrivedat 10pm so it was a loooooong day! Why we didn't fly into Toronto is complicated and it mostly has to do with getting the most out of our frequent flyer miles (international flight vs domestic) and the boys would need passports to fly into Canada but not overland. 

On our way!

Mr T fell asleep on our second flight, boy was I jealous!

15 degrees F, this will be our coldest day out East (I think and hope)!

At the Royal Ontario Museum, it was such a cool museum!

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nan cee said...

Have fun and give Garret & Chelsea my love. The boys outer garments looks more for Alaska! Guess NY is just as bad right now. Get some rest, enjoy your trip and the wedding!
Love to you all,