Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Sorry for the blog silence! I've been on vacation and didn't have time to update. We've been home since late Monday and I've had to catch up on life!...I'll start with our first two days in Toronto, Canada.

The day after we arrived was super cold (the high was like 15-18 degrees F) but it was ok since we couldn't do anything fun until we went grocery shopping to fill up our apartment rental with yummy food! Later that same day Phil took the boys to play in the snow at a little park nearby, I happily stayed in the warm cozy apartment : )
The following day it warmed up a bit to about 25F, still too cold for us to walk around much so we spent the day at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM).
Our heavy winter clothes that we hardly used this year in Portland came to good use in Toronto.
A "dinosaur bone" digging exhibit for the kids.
The boys have been pretty obsessed with raccoons ever since our cat was wounded by one several months ago.
Under a T-rex!
Triceratops (I think?)
The had such an impressive dinosaur fossil collection it was everyone's favorite part of the museum!
Caleb and Thomas found a corner to play fight while Eli showed me his impressive jumping skills.
Eli showing off.

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nan cee said...

Happy to hear you got home save. Looks like you had an interesting trip into Canada and the cold didn't stop you from having fun. Love the pictures!
Love to you all,