Friday, March 20, 2015


Our last three days in Toronto...

We walked to St Lawrence Market which was really awesome and I bought a ton of fresh seafood to make soup that night.
After the market we walked to the Harbor Fronte and I felt just like Lake Ontario, frozen!
Now we know that 30 degrees and overcast is too cold for us to walk around in!
The next day we met up with some friends for breakfast after we went to their Sunday meeting.
It was such a "warm" day at 40 degrees that we walked around this area of Toronto called "beaches" for quite sometime.
Our friends Kim, Kyria and Kendra were in the same congregation with us when we lived in Berkeley, CA (Kyria's roommate, hung out with us too, far left). They moved back to Toronto shortly after we left for Portland.
It was good to catch up!
Our friend Kim got the boys mustaches.
They wear them well, ha!
The day before we left we went to the aquarium
The boys went for a swim : )
Toronto was a really cool city with many charming neighborhoods, we could have driven around all day just looking at them!

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nan cee said...

Those mustaches are too funny! Tronto looks too cold for me.
Love to all,