Wednesday, September 28, 2016

6 Years Old!

How can I have such big kids already, how can they be six years old, SIX?! How can I be a mother to three 6 year olds when it feels like they were just 6 months old yesterday!? Crazy right?

When the boys are being cute or sweet I love to tell them "you are so cute I just want to put you back into my belly!" And then they say laughing, "no mami we are too big!"

CET are 6 years old!
My boys are so delicious! I tell them all the time,
"I just want to eat you up with whipped cream and a cherry on top!"
Or "te quiero comer a besos, ven aqui!"
CET on our way to school for the first time ever as 6 year olds!
Yes I took lots of pictures!
Eli thought of the idea of taking "alone pictures."
Of course I agreed!
Our 6 year stats are as follows:

Caleb 42.5 in tall (7th%) 38.8 lbs

Eli 42 in tall (5th%) 38.7 lbs

Thomas 42.25 in tall (6th%) 38.6 lbs

Everyone wears a size 5T (or XS boys) with room to grow into and a size 10 toddler shoe. All continue to be the perfect picture of health! We pray this is always the case : )

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nan cee said...

The boys turning 6 has been on my mind all month. Hard to believe it but the day has come to change the number of years. Before you know it they will be through grade school and entering high. Sad to see them grow up so fast.
Love to you all,