Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New Routines

We are settling down to our new way of life that includes eating dinner earlier, making lunches, walking to and from school and a little homework here and there. The first couple of days the boys were in school I had this feeling like 'oh man what am I going to do with ALL my free time!' Then reality hit me and I started to realize just how quickly pick up time approaches. I've yet to just sit down and just read for pleasure. Stupidly, I figured the house would stay cleaner since the boys would be out of the house for such a large chunk of the day. Turns out they can trash the house within an hour of being home! Consequently I spend a good couple of hours cleaning everyday (and not to mention cleaning stuff that has been neglected for the past 6 years, haha!). Packing lunches takes me a little longer than it has to because I've been trying to be creative with them thanks to Pinterest. For now at least I'm having a blast making their lunches. I feel like I need to compete with the hot lunches the school sells, which at $2.70 a piece we could not afford long term (it would add up quick at $8.10/day!).

I've been walking a ton as well (I figure if I don't have a job at least I'll be fit, ha!). My goal is to walk the boys to and from school come rain or shine. It's half a mile each way so I get to log 2 miles a day! In addition I try to do at least one long walk per week about 3-5 miles and if I need one or two things from the grocery store I'll walk instead of drive. The first full week the kids were in school I walked 15 miles and that's impressive only because that's up from maybe 1 mile a week, haha! I tell ya it's hard to stay active when you're caring for triplets full time (I was never much for pushing a 100+ pound strollers and my guys didn't really like riding in them anyways).

I'm also looking for part time work in my old field. I applied to two jobs already and I actually interviewed for one but sadly I did not get the position. I was surprised I got an interview so quickly and hoping its a good sign. It might take a while or it may not, either way I'm happy to stay home for now as there is lots to keep me busy! Taking care of a family of 5 is no simple task even with the kids being in school. I don't know how families with two full time working parents do it. If I went back to work full time I'd have to hire a housekeeper, cook, nanny and landscaper, ha!

Anyways, can you believe these stinkers turn 6 tomorrow?!!!

School-lovin' trio!
Heading home after a long day at school.
Thomas showing me his classroom at the open house. 
Star chart!
They are very proud of the stars they earn each day : )
The boys showed us the library.
Homemade pizza bagels, olives, carrot sticks and ranch dressing.
Pizza bagels were a big hit!
Homemade quiche with broccoli and strawberries.
Only one boy liked the quiche so I guess that means I'm never making these again : (
Tortilla roll-ups (cream cheese&ranch, ham, and spinach), pretzels, olives and pears.
Shrimp drizzled in lime juice, marinara sauce, cheese, crackers, and peach slices. 


nan cee said...

Nice looking lunches! Sounds like you have no idol time on your hands.
Love you,

Nicole said...

I love the lunch trays. Where did you get them? What brand?

Janet Pittsenbarger said...

Nicole, they are "Bentgo Kids" boxes. They are great because they don't leak and each compartment is sealed so no cross contamination between compartments. They are quite pricey though. I got them for a decent price during one of those amazon flash sales that only lasts a few hours. Good luck!