Monday, September 12, 2016

Summer Catch up!

Gonna try to get my blog up to date! These are a few things we were up to before school started....

We were the envy of all the kids at the pond with this inflatable lobster!
Isn't this thing hilarious!
My little sunbather : )
Such responsible boys bringing it back to the car.
It was really hot this day so filled up 200 balloons with that little device
that allows you fill them up really fast.
Kept them entertained for approximately 15 minutes, ha!
Convention time!
We cruised though the whole three days and the boys were angels through out it all. Boy what a difference a year can make!
Partial family selfie
The handsome trio : )
Back to school shopping!


Aracely said...

haha the lobster is so cool! the outfits at the so cute!! Omg so many school supplies..i look back fondly to when we were in school..getting/buying school supplies was my favorite part of every new school..haha..

nan cee said...

Love that lobster! Looks like a lot of fun went on prior to starting school! And those little men at the convention, so good looking!
Love to you all,