Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hood to Coast Trip

A couple weekends ago Phil did the famous Hood to Coast relay run (199miles from Mt Hood to the coast). The boys and I drove to the finish line to meet up with the team and celebrate with them finishing. We also stayed a couple of nights on the coast for fun!

Swings on the beach!
The team!
Snuggly boys at the end of a long day (although it was a MUCH longer day for papi, ha!).
We stayed at cool hotel in Astoria.
All the stuff they found in the abandoned building before they turned it into a hotel. 
Caleb and pops.
More CET : )
Astoria column
I was pretty scared to be up there with my precious trio!
Beautiful view though!
It was a great spot for flying our gliders if only the wind were blowing in the opposite direction : (
It was a beautiful day!

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nan cee said...

WOW! 199 miles! Phil is like his dad who use to participate in the Wyoming runs. That place on the beach looks like a fun park to visit. The boys look happy to be there.
Love you guys,