Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Depoe Bay, Oregon

A couple weekends ago we made a trip out to the coast to meet up with the boys' tia Janet and tio Chance. We picked up the boys from school a couple hours early and Eli was so excited that he kept telling anyone who would listen to him "we're going straight to the beach!"
The boys wasted no time warming up to tia Janet & tio Chance!
LOVE this mug!
Can you guess who he is?
(answer is in comments)
Watching the wild waves
After eating lunch at Rogue brewery, the boys got to keep their plate-Frisbees : )
Whats funny is that I was thinking we needed some frisbees!
These last 3 pics are courtesy of tia Janet
The boys are really into thumbs up all of a sudden, ha!


Janet Pittsenbarger said...


nan cee said...

I cheated, didn't even try to guess because I can't tell one from the other! Thanks for the answer tie Janet! It is always fun to go to the ocean especially with with a tia & tio!
Love to you all,