Friday, December 23, 2016

Excellent Pupils!

We had a parent teacher conference back in early November and the boys teacher only had great things to say about them. All three are very responsible, hard working, and always very aware of whats going on (ie they pay attention well). Everyone can count to 100 in Spanish (Eli likes to brag that he can count to 120) and all have very good fine motor skills when it comes to writing, coloring and cutting. About half of the class is reading, my boys included (not sure if this is average or not but being that half the class knew zero Spanish to begin with I think that half the class reading is pretty good and it's not just the native speakers that are reading, haha!). The boys teacher said they weren't doing just well in class but doing excellent!

Caleb, he says he makes new friends so easy
and his favorite classes are science and music (just like his mami!). 
Eli, he is a pretty fast reader and loves to practice.
He says his favorite class is PE and he likes going to his school Library. 
Thomas, he said his favorite class is PE.
His teacher said he is so fast at doing his work.
Some examples of the books the boys are reading.
Examples of the complexity of the books.
The teachers' class goal is for everyone to be reading at least two syllable words by the end of the school year.
Looks like the boys are already there!
I got these emails notifying me that the boys library books were due (hadn't even realized they were even checking out books yet! I guess they can only keep them in class for now and after they learn the process a few times they can start bringing them home). I was smitten by their very first library check outs. Caleb's pick cracked me up, he is definitely Phil and I's child : )

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nan cee said...

Sounds like you have three great little students in your home! Good going!
Love you all,