Thursday, December 1, 2016

It Means Fox

So it finally happened, they learned a bad word! Well technically it's a bad gesture. We were walking home from school and I see Thomas flashing a middle finger and normally I wouldn't say anything because before then they didn't know what it meant. Well he was doing for too long and cars were driving by and people walking by so I told him to not point with that finger because it means something bad. Then his brothers chime in saying it's to tell someone that they are stupid. I say "oh really?" Caleb says "yes mami it means 'fox'" (how he pronounced it, THANK GOODNESS! That will go uncorrected for as long as I can help it, ha!). I ask "so who taught you about the middle finger?" Caleb names a fellow student in his class. Gah! Darn that girl! (Insert crying noises) I guess it was bound to happen someday : (

CET before they knew a bad word!
(Insert more crying)
CTE on Pajama day!
90% of the boys at school had on Star Wars pjs,
4% super heros, 1% other, and the rest forgot it was
pajama day and wore regular clothes, haha!
My hooligans!
Eli at the meetings has been reading the bible and by reading I mean actually reading it : )
Albeit a few words per page, ha!

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nan cee said...

It is shocking that such young children learn such bad words but if they hear them at home they will pick them up and use them too. I love the picture of your hooligans!
My love to you all,