Tuesday, August 3, 2010

26week belly update-Cat's vs Dogs

Just wanted to update everyone on the latest ultrasound/appointment from last Thursday. The boys are growing steadily, baby A and B weigh 2lbs and are in the 60% percentile, so they are actually a little on the big side for their age. Baby C weighs 1 lbs 11oz and is in the 47% percentile, so he's right where he should be. To quote the radiologist, add on a Finnish accent, "these are not small babies, these are good size babies, they are not small."

So here is the story on my cervix, about a month ago (21 weeks) it was measuring a healthy 4.1cm and hadn't changed since the last time they measured it. Two weeks later at 23weeks it measured 3.5cm and 3.1cm, they said my cervix was being "dynamic." I don't quite know what they meant by that but they did mention there were some light contractions happening (I didn't feel a thing though). As long as your cervix measures 2.5cm or higher the doctors don't worry but since it had shortened I was told to cut back my activity. Fast forward another two weeks at 25weeks it was measuring back at 4cm! Supposedly the cervix is unidirectional so once it shortens there is no way to gain length back; therefore, it never really did shorten. So I'm still not technically on bed rest yet, great news there!

I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed something funny about baby clothes. Little girls clothes can have cats on them but not dogs. Little boys clothes can have dogs but not cats. Everyone knows Phil and I are animal lovers but primarily we are cat lovers (picture above depicts Phil doing the "double snuggle," this is a very rare occurrence yet most satisfying). What's the deal, can't anyone make a little boys outfit with a couple cats on them? I'm working on some iron-on's but we'll see how they turn out.



Jonalyn said...

You're looking great, Janét! I wish I were good at sewing, so I could whip you up some boys' stuff with cats on them. Surely there's some blue or green fabric out there with cats! I'd never noticed it, but you're right ... why can't both genders wear both animals! I'll be on the lookout. :)

Anonymous said...

Cats are arrogant animals. Dogs are loyal.

Just look at the picture of Phil. He looks so humble, but the cats, the CATS...so ARROGANT looking!

I will ship each boy a pug puppy or a chihuahua, of your choosing of course, so that they will not be scarred for life when Mr. Arrogant Cat decides to leave their side.

I have vented enough...and yes I am allergic to cats; But that has nothing to do with it.

Chely said...

I love the picture with both cats!! love when you get the chance to snuggle both @once! I will look out for any boy clothes with cats on them...soo glad to hear that you and the boys are doing good..anxiously waiting for their arrival! ;)

JP said...

hahahaha, I love the comment from anonymous. I think it's the funniest yet! I can take a guess as to who wrote it...maybe someone by the initials B.C.? I'm sure the boys will end up with a dog at some point, if not then a ferret, hamster, lizard, snake, or whatever is they want. My only rule is nothing slimy!

Sara Pittsenbarger said...

Here is a link: http://t-shirts.cafepress.com/cat?cmp=knc--g--us--pet--kids_ap--search-b--Cat_baby_apparel&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=pet--kids_apparel&utm_content=search-b&utm_term=cat_baby_apparel&gclid=COC_ltSGqaMCFRB1gwodOkVm3w. I don't know if you would ever drop the cash to purchase these tees, but you can get one with any cat you like. However, it does seem like maybe your boys will have to come out of the kitty closet and be portland trendsetters. If I shared your affection for kitties, I would buy them for the babies, but we just spent the last month clearing this house of the smell of 20+ cats who felt it was their home/bathroom. My affection for cats is at an all time low, but I respect your love. As soon as you mentioned it, I realized that in all the years of looking at little kids clothes, that you are right. But on the cat lovers website they had alternatives to the pink cat wearing a princess tiara.... they had a really cute one justin liked with a cat and the words "chairman meow." Certainly that would turn some heads. I was amused by all the "Javanese" shirts. You look great Janet! You don't look enormous, or strange, although you do look like you are near term, which I suppose you are. Keep up your great eating, I think people everywhere underestimate the power of good nutrition. In our natural childbirth classes they hammered that in, but you are proof in a unique way! Can't wait to snuggle the little guys, they are almost here.

Tati said...

I hadn't really thought about it before, but yeah, there's never any boys' clothes with kitties on them! I will try to find some for the boys before they are born!

Caity said...

The picture of Phil with kitties is sweet. I think the babies look a little bit like both of you.