Saturday, August 14, 2010

27 week Appointment Update

I apologize for the lack of eye candy, I always like to have something to look at. I didn't ask for pictures at the last appointment because there really weren't any good shots of the boys. They are running out of room and look totally squished in there! One baby was straddling his brothers chest. They can't get perfectly round belly measurements anymore so they do their best. And they have a hard time figuring out who's leg is who's and who's arm is who's. They probably won't suffer from claustrophobia as adults.

Here's some great news, baby C caught up fast and is now one of the bigger babies! Little foot no more! Their estimated weights are about 2lbs and 5oz each. I have about 7lbs of baby plus an extra large placenta and not to mention the extra amniotic fluid. I'd say if I was having a singleton he'd be over 10lbs by now.

In about a matter of three days I went from feeling pretty good and relatively mobile to feeling like I'm going to collapse under my own weight. It's so hard to get up since my knees feel like they are going to give out. And rolling over from one side to the other takes my breath away. It's like someone is sitting on me and I can't breath. My hands feel numb throughout the night and feel sore throughout the day. The doc say's it's pregnancy carpal tunnel and not to worry about it.

My latest weight measurement is 152lbs so I've gained 45lbs thus far. It's been a while now but I'm no longer on my crazy diet. I just eat as much as I want and honestly I just can't eat as much since the babies take up so much room. Mama milk snacks is still a staple and a main contributor to my continuous weight gain. I'm also drinking lots of water to keep away contractions. It's been warm so it's easy to drink a lot, I'm especially partial to my "lemon essence" (spritzer water with lemon flavor).

The boys have also kicked it up a notch, literally. They are kicking really strongly and consistently throughout the day. The baby foot lumps come out about an inch or more so it looks like squirrels running around under a blanket. I've also given up trying to guess which baby is which. They change positions so frequently, you wouldn't think they were running out of room in there. Going to my baby shower now so I'll have some good pictures to post next time.



Anonymous said...

Janet, we are so proud of the way you are taking such good care of the babies and yourself. I know it will be more and more uncomfortable till those boys are born, but it will be so worth it to have them in utero as long as possible. Wish we were still up there helping you out, thinking of you daily.We Send our love to all 5 of you-----Sue and Ed

Amber said...

I can't believe the change in you from the last pictures. I think you are magnificent!

Maybe it is time to bring on some relaxation and visualization techniques to help you through the discomfort of the last few weeks. Distraction is good too.

Would you mind taking some video of the babies moving from the outside? It might be hard to catch.
Keep up the good work.

Jonalyn said...

Poor thing ... sorry you're so uncomfortable! It'll be worth it. :) It would be really cool if you could videotape the "squirrels under a blanket", though.

Sara said...

You poor thing, I can only imagine...I put on 33 pounds with Javan and got up to 145, but that was at the end (that was 8.5 lbs of baby, you will exceed that soon!). I can't imagine you...and then you have weeks to go. Hang in are cramming 27 months of pregnancy and three labors/births into 7 months which saves a whole lot of time, but not pain and energy. Too bad you couldn't just sleep through the next 7 weeks and wake up to having babies! What you are doing is nothing short of amazing, but does not sound fun at all. Try to treasure the little squirrels, I am sure you will fondly remember that when you can block the rest out!

Meluch+3 said...

Hang in there! Before you know it they will be here;)

Chely said...

I love it when you likened the triplets to "squirrels running around under a blanket" sounds incredibly cute!!! Im sorry things turned rough for you..almost there now! hang in there..:) AG