Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Baby Showers!

Some how we ended up with three baby showers! We pretty much got everything we'll need for the immediate future and I'd say we're pretty much ready for the babies to come home now. The boys have no idea what and awesome crowd of friends and family they will be born into : )

Our old English congregation threw us a great shower, so glad they still love us and remember us.
Baby shower #1:

The cake was delicious, like chai tea baked into a cake, yum!

Check out the fun crowd : )

Opening up the loot!

This looks like trouble : P

Thanks for all the awesome stuff!

Phil's work mates threw him a surprise baby shower, how sweet!
Baby shower #2:

Among all the great stuff were three homemade quilts, they are so beautiful and special! Also got lots of gift cards and cash, wow Phil works with such generous and thoughtful friends : )

Finally but not least, our new Spanish congregation threw us a fun shower at the park, wish I could have joined in on the volleyball...actually I really stink at it so probably better I don't play : )
Baby Shower #3:

Another delicious cake, vanilla with custard.

Rare chilly day in August. Sorry I look a little crazy in this picture.

Angela photobombing "the crowd" picture.

All the awesome gifts!

We're taking this one back!



nan cee said...

I so enjoy and appreciate your keeping us here in Modesto updated! Looks like your showers showered you with lots of goodies for the boys! I always share your updates with Joe and Lois as they don't have internet service. Hope you continue doing well and can hold off having the little guys.
Love to all 5 of you,
A. Nancy

Jonalyn said...

It's only fitting you had 3 showers ... 3 babies, after all!

Chely said...

Awesome! wish we could of been there to enjoy it with you..im glad you have soo much support! AG

Caitydid said...

I think you look beautiful.

Tati said...

I think it's so cool everybody threw you all those showers :) Wish I coulda been there with ya! Don't worry, I'm still trying to find some onezees with cats on them! ;)