Saturday, August 28, 2010

29 weeks

I don't know how they're doing it but some how they all fit in there. Babies are weighing in at a whopping 3lbs a piece at about 50th percentile, still keeping up with their singleton counter parts. For my sake I hope they don't get too much bigger. It's starting to feel very tight and uncomfortable even in my most comfortable positions. I think I can feel my organs on my sides. They've never measured my actual belly before but this time for some reason they did. From top to bottom my belly measured 43inches and I guess a full term belly measures about thirty something to 40inches so yes I'm past full term and still have soooo long to go. They also measured my cervix for the last time and it's still strong at about 3.5cm, from now on they will do visual checks, wonderful : ( They also keep finding protein that indicates preeclampsia in my urine but my blood pressure is always normal so they want to do a more extensive test to be sure of what's going on. So now I have to measure and collect all my pee during a 24hr period and keep it refrigerated (gross! that bottle better not leak) until I can get it into the lab. It wouldn't be so bad but I get up to pee like 5 times every night, normally I don't even turn on the lights and return to bed and am able to fall back to sleep very easily. Now I have to turn on the lights, pee, measure, write down the amount, get the jug from the fridge, pour it in, and TRY to get back to sleep. It's going to be one sleepless night.

Phil and I knew, even before we were pregnant, that if we had a baby one day we'd get him a bear suit. When we found out we were having triplets I didn't know how I'd justify spending over a hundred dollars to get all three bear suits. The Gap sells them at $35 a piece. I thought well I'll just bite the bullet and spend the cash but then my frugality just wouldn't give. Then I thought we could ask someone to get them for us as a present, but you can't just say "hey will you buy me this it costs one hundred dollars?" I tried checking ebay but couldn't find any thing, let alone three matching ones. Then about a week ago I found the way. I get emails every day from Groupon and this particular day they had 50% off at Gap available. They had a limit to how much you could use it for and you only have 24hrs to get the groupons, so I schemed a way of buying enough to get us all three at half off. It was the biggest rush I'd felt in a while and one day later I had all three in my possession. They are soooooo stinking cute and soft. I got 3-6mo size since by then it'll still be really cold and we'll get max use and snuggling out of them, not to mention the pictures. I can't wait for them to wear them.


Anonymous said...

Janet, you look so good (and big) in this latest picture! Sure do feel for you when you describe what will be your new nightly ritual. Hopefully you will be able to get in a good nap each day to offset the sleep loss.
The Bear Suits are adorable and I love fuzzy cuddly outfits like those.
What a terrific buy!!
Your goal is 4 more weeks and the weeks have been flying by (at least for us) Try to keep hanging in but be sure and tell your doc if you get even more uncomfortable.
Do you go back in one week or two?
With love, Momma Sue

Anonymous said...

Janet, Me again---I realize that you just have to do one 24 hour pee collection.Still maybe you can take a good nap the following day. Sue

Jonalyn said...

I still think having to get up to pee frequently at night during pregnancy is nature's way of preparing you for having to get up several times with a baby. But what fun, you get to do a little project while you're up as well, now! You look great, though! Can't wait to see the 3 little bears. :)

Tati said...

Those are so cute! Can't wait to see photos of all three little teddy bears :)

Angela said...

Way To Go, Girl! So happy for you! And you look amazing!

The bear suits are too cute! LMK if you are getting out at all or want visitors!

Amber Seah said...

You do look really amazing. And you are starting to look past full term.

Hope everything turns out alright with the urine testing. I can't believe you are doing so well. Four weeks to go and you are still at home and growing some amazing triplets.

Thinking of you everyday.

Chely said...

Wow those little bear outfits are ridiculously adorable!! cant wait to see the boys in them too..that was a great deal at the Gap!..Love the picture of you...when did you cut your hair..I like the length..

oregonemp said...

ohhh you are adorable and I wish you all the best. I have 5 kids, the oldest 20 and the youngest 1. I live in North Portland also. King burrito is the bomb when you are prego. I still say every night when i go to bed, AHHHHHHHH I LOVE SLEEPING ON MY TUMMY. CONGRATS TO YOU BOTH AND I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST. LOVELY STORY FROM NORTH PORTLAND