Monday, August 16, 2010

Glucose Test

I failed to mention that at my last appointment the nurse noticed I was over due for my routine glucose test to check for gestational diabetes. I didn't want to needlessly worry any one by posting that I'd failed the first test before I knew for sure what was going on : (

They ordered a more extensive glucose test to follow. The first one was simple enough, drink a small cup of maybe 6oz of sugar water that looks like gatorade and tastes like really really sweet orange Fanta, the first two sips are good then it's just gross. Then don't eat or drink anything for an hour and then get my blood drawn and tested.

For the more extensive glucose test I was not to eat anything past midnight the night before but I could drink water till the test. My blood was drawn and then I had to drink a much larger cup of that nasty sugar water. Technically it was supposed to be gone in 5min but it took me nasty! After that it's three more blood draws one hour apart (no food or drink in the mean time). Let me warn you don't EVER let them draw blood from the same vein twice in one day! It hurt going in, it hurt drawing out the blood, it hurt taking the needle out and then it THROBBED for 10 minutes after. For the next draw I asked them if they could poke a different vein, thankfully I'm really veiny and they pop out with little effort so they were easily able to find another suitable blood source. I spent about 4hours at the lab in uncomfortable chairs. I felt light headed from lack of food and water. I almost hoped I'd get a positive result so the unpleasant day wasn't spent in vain. Two hours later I got a call saying everything was normal!

To celebrate I asked Phil to bring me a slurpie and a snickers bars on his bike ride home from work but apparently the plaid Pantry near my house got rid of their slurpie machine, it just wasn't the same : (

This is a picture of me eating whatever I want cause I don't have diabetes.



Jonalyn said...

Nice! Yeah, that stuff is so gross. Sorry you had to do it twice. But at least you don't have to worry about it now. :)

Sara Pittsenbarger said...

Oh, I could taste it as you described it, that stuff is awful! I failed first test with Javan, and passed out with the follow up test you did, they had to lay me in the blood test chair for the duration of the morning, I just went in and out of sleep! Thankfully, never failed with other kids. So happy you aren't diabetic, and it's over EAT AWAY!

Anonymous said...

I knew a Diabetic man once. He had no fingers; but he could sure play the banjo! It smelled like sweet almonds when he played. They used to call him "manitas de plata."

I don't know why I shared that.

I'm glad you're not Diabetic!

Phil said...

I think Manitas de plata played flamenco guitar, but there is a sweet smell when he plays.


lacrecia4life said...

Yeah!!! I am so glad you are OK. What an ordeal :o(

Amber Seah said...

So glad it all turned out well. Our friend here was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes, she's due in six weeks(getting baptized in two)

Love the link to the One day at a time blog!!

Have you read about her breastfeeding the trips? Have you talked to the midwifes about how their hospital handles breast milk for premies? Having the right support makes all the difference in the world.

Chely said...

yes I had to take a 2 hour glucose test..ewww stuff tasted awful! sorry you had to go through that..but thankfully you are diabetes free!

Tati said...

it's never fun to have to drink that stuff -.0 ew

still, i'm guessing it's worth it knowing you don't have diabetes :)

Maria said...

I'm so glad you did not have diabetes, not a fun thing to deal with. I remember when I did the test. You are right, the first sip tasted good, the second one not so good, and the rest is so hard to get it down your throat. Good you are done with that. Love you guys! ♥