Tuesday, September 14, 2010

32 weeks-My List

I get a bronze metal for making it to 32 weeks of the triplet olympics! Silver if I get to 34 weeks and gold if I make it to 36. I'm starting to impress people with the size of my belly. It's pretty much enormous with no end in sight. How much more could I possibly stretch out?

This is where all the magic happens. My natural habitat where I grow my babies, watch tv, read, eat all my meals, update the blog, surf the net, etc. All on the most comfortable yet thrashed piece of furniture we own, my Ikea couch.

So here is a list I've come up with. It's just that, a list, from which to remember things soon past.


Things I took for granted
1. Bending down
2. Standing
3. Sitting upright
4. Rolling over
5. Doing things for myself

Things I’ve become really good at
1. Monkey grabbing –picking up things with my feet so as not to get off my couch or bend down.
2. Being as productive as possible every time I get up to go to the bathroom (putting stuff away or grabbing stuff I need to and from the couch).
3. Controlling my gag reflexes while I was trying to consume 4000 calories per day.
-stop eating, close your eyes, and breathe slowly in and out
-getting Phil to burp me by hitting me really hard on the back
-don’t look at what I'm eating and distract my mind

My answer to a high protein diet
1. Tacos de cabeza from King Burrito
2. Beef jerky meat sticks
3. Peanut butter and condensed milk sandwiches (Mexicans love condensed milk, Phil didn't even know what it was till I came into his life)
4. mama milk snacks: whole milk 10g 200 cal, carnation instant breakfast 5g 120 cal and whey protein 26g 140cal = 41g protein 460cal

Food aversions due to over consumption
1. Whey protein powder-I'm still choking it down for the good of the babies.
2. Breakfast burritos-sorry babe but it’s the truef
3. Sunflower seeds
4. Soy yogurt…it’s a good thing because they run $1.10 a piece.

Things I miss the most
1. Sushi
2. Beer and wine
3. Coffee
4. Gardening
5. Eating vegetables not covered in ranch dressing or some other high calorie condiment. Just pure home grown ripe vegetables mmmmmmmmmm : )
6. Cooking and trying new recipes. I should mention Phil has turned out to be a very good cook. His pad see ew was better than mine last time he made it.

Things I like about being pregnant
1. Eating whatever I want without feeling guilty
2. playing ‘wack a mole’ when the babies start kicking up a storm

Top five worst complaints
1. Back aches
2. Abdominal pressure
3. Fatigue during the first trimester when I could still be a productive human being.
4. Peeing every hour even at night
5. Restless leg anxiety

Top five unexpected or not as bad as I thought it’d be
1. Incessant dreaming about the most boring stuff ever (however due to my recent and severe addiction to "Lost" I now only dream about being stranded on a tropical island).
2. No mood swings or changes in personality...this one worried me cause I didn't want to take it out on my sweet hubby.
3. Nausea never bad enough to make me throw up…SUCKAS!
4. Red splotch that appeared on my forehead. Lasted most of the pregnancy and just recently went away. Thankfully not dark enough to appear on pictures.
5. How painful sneezing and coughing is when "really" pregnant



Jonalyn said...

How funny that you've been dreaming boring stuff! I always used to have weird dreams while pregnant. Are you almost done with Lost? You don't have much time to finish the series!! You look good!

Tati said...

Mom says she had weird dreams when she was pregnant with me... only NOW does she have those boring dreams, ranging from "I dreamt I was taking out the recycling" to "I dreamt I had to clean the kitchen".

Congrats on making it this far!!!

Phil said...

Last night I had a dream that the babies had red hair and one had a lazy eye....wierd.


Anonymous said...

Well Candy just left after reading and laughing with me over the latest blog entries!
The most impressive thing to me was that HUMONGOUS!! belly of yours. It is amazing you can be upright at all. Kudos to you for making it to 32 weeks. I really think you might make it to at least silver after all. Anyway, the difference in your belly from 29 weeks to 32 weeks leaves me speechless. Luv SP and EP

Anonymous said...

Might I add, Janet, that you really do look just beautiful in both pictures!-------Sue

Garret said...

wow, that happened fast, did you get a measurement on your belly lasttime?

Erin Zacharda said...

WOW - CONGRATS on making it to 32 weeks!!! So great that you are able to still be at home and not in the hospital :)
I love your lists; brings back lots of memories.
Keeping you, Phil, and the babies in my prayers.

Sara said...

Okay, that belly of yours is something else! I read list to justin, we got a good laugh. I am surprised you don't have the "forgot the baby" dreams. I had those late with each pregnancy, (in the trunk, at the hospital, in the shopping cart) oh the possibility of forget the baby dreams with triplets... Can't believe your (once) little body has housed those fellas this long...will it be GOLD!

nan cee said...

Congratulations on making it to 32! I hope you can make it to 36 and praying all will continue to go well. It is amazing how wonderfully we are created and what the body can go through! You look good and keeping your good sense of humor is a plus!
Your are always in my thoughts and prayers.
Love to you all,
A. Nancy

Caitydid said...

You look beautiful. You're cat looks like he's been packing on the pounds. too.

Anonymous said...