Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Boys Have Arrived!!!!!!!! -34.0 weeks

Its hard to believe but our boys are here healthy and making a splash here at OHSU.
This will be a quick post by the Father as this has been a crazy and awesome day.
born 9/28/2010
Caleb - 4lb 5oz - 17"
Eli - 4 lbs 1 oz - 17"
Thomas - 4lbs 7oz - 17.75"

all boys came out fussing and screaming, they all had lungs of champions and did not need any breathing assistance. All were super alert looking with there large eyes.

here is a outline of how it went down:
- I took janet to get fetal heart monitoring at 6:00 pm
- Starting having strong contractions around 6:30 pm
- Doctor suggest possibility of delivering that night
- 8:30 stronger contractions, Doctor Clock agrees it's time for the boys to come out
- meet with the doctors, anesthesiologist, NICU docs
- 10:00 Janet is prepped for c-section
- 10:35 babies are born

- 2:00 9/29/2010 janet I still have not slept!

here our some pics from the eventful night.

I will be uploading some more pics later but now we are trying to get Jan in a wheel chair to go see our sweet boys in the NICU.

We want to thank everyone for their support during this crazy time, our Family, friends, workmates and everyone that has had an interest in our story. We feel truly blessed to have these beautiful and healthy boys with us today.

Phil (father)


Justin and Sara said...

We can't believe how beautiful and healthy these early little preemies look. Janet you look so pretty and glowing before and after the babies were born. We all wish we could come right now and see the boys and the proud parents. Phil, thanks for pausing and updating the blog, the pics you put on are better than the ones on the news story (closer and clearer). We can't believe that last year you two weren't parents and now you are parents of three! James loves to look at the pictures, and says, "Baby, more baby" (meaning he wants to see more, he has no idea there are three.)

Erin Zacharda said...

Awwww, they are so handsome! CONGRATS to the both of you!!

Jehan said...

Welcome Eli, Caleb, and Thomas! You all look beautiful! You have just increased your family by 150%! Good job! And congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!

James said...

James is fascinated with seeing the babies, he keeps talking about them. "Hi Babies. San babies (San is "three" in Mandarin Chinese). Baby cousins. More babies"

Caitydid said...

Such precious faces. Now if only Elliot would hurry up and get here. Do you know how long they will be in the hospital?

Jonalyn said...

Yay!! What beautiful boys! Congratulations Mom & Dad!

Jonalyn said...

And also, glad to see they have a lot of hair! :)

Tati said...

Wow! They're so cute!!! I'm amazed you made it to 34 weeks, Janét! CONTRATULATIONS!!!!!

P.S. for newborns, they have a lot of hair!

nan cee said...

The waiting is finally over and now comes the real labor! What beautiful little darlings they are. I am so happy that they are all doing well and hopefully you will have them home soon. Congratulations to you both as well as to the proud grandparents.
Love to you all,
Aunt Nancy

Alexis said...

YEAAAAA! Congratulations, Janet and Phil, we are so happy to see that mother and baby boys are doing well. I was sharing these beautiful picture with Josef, he asked which one can he have, hilarious, out of the mouth of babes :) Truly a blessing from Jehovah to see that all is well.
Much love,
Alexis, Josef and Charles Paulin

Maria said...

When I saw Janet's and Phil's face on these new pictures my heart just melted. I feel so much love for you and your babies that fills my heart with love and joy.
The babies are so handsome and look so healthy and big. They are just perfect!!
Love to all of you!

Angela said...

They are beautiful! So very happy for you both! Can't wait to see more pics and hear how Janet is doing! Try to sleep now guys!

Aracely said...

ahhh I am a proud Auntie! So happy that these little guys finally made it and are soo healthy & strong! You did great Janet! And of course Phil for supporting her through all..I cant wait to meet them in person! They are beautiful & soo handsome love the pictures they are indeed clearer and closer so we can see detail. Love you guys! Aracely

Alexandra said...

Congratulations!! They are precious!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! (From a twin mama in Portland!)

They are beautiful. :)

Anonymous said...

:-) I am so happy for you. Your family is absolutely beautiful.
It is so wonderful to see/read great news. You have no idea how happy you have made complete strangers.
Thank you for sharing your story with the media, giving regular folks something to smile about.
I wish you and your family the best that life has to offer.

tora79 said...

CONGRATS, they are gorgeous and Oz can't wait to play with them!

BlessedBlogger said...

Congratulations and welcome to your precious blessings! You made it! And, as others have said, now the real work begins. You have our prayers.

alyssareeves said...

Congrats! I'm a triplet (two girls, one boy) and it's a blast!

Tiffany Cook said...

Congratulations on your Healthy and handsome little boys! Triplets with such great weights and congrats on carrying them to 34 weeks! I am a twin mom from Forest Grove and saw your story on the news. I am a part of Full House Moms and Dads and the club as a whole has been a HUGE support help for us through raising our twins. If you ever need some advice or maybe someone to chat with or go on mommy and me walks come check us out! Congrats again :)

Tiffany Cook

Myra said...

Congratulations!!! How exciting and the babies are so beautiful! We told Elliot its his turn to come out now!
Love, Jeff and Myra

Anonymous said...

Many congratulations to all of you! It's truly a blessing that everybody is doing well. Good fortune and good health to all of you!

Cody said...

Many congratulations to you both! It's great to hear that they all came out screaming. Welcome to the world Caleb, Eli, and Thomas! Next few weeks will be emotionally brutal (at least they were for me) but it will be such an amazing feeling when you are able to take them home!

Danielle Dorsey said...

I'm not sure if my first message went through. A member of my multiples group shared your story and I felt compelled to contact you because I had spontaneous identical girls last year! First off, congratulations and great job! The boys were great sizes! Secondly, just wanted to let you know that you are about to experience the craziest, most amazing year! =) if you ever need a brain to pick or an ear who can truly understand your venting, email me anytime!