Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baby Videos






Just wanted to update you guys on how I'm doing. The only reason I have time to write now is cause I can't be with my boys now. I was able to get down once to the NICU yesterday but it was quite an ordeal just getting me into the wheelchair, I had to try twice with a few hours rest in between. What felt like 1hr was actually 3.5 hrs and I only left the boys cause the nurse thought they were being overstimulated. They are so sweet/perfect/beautiful to me and I can't stop looking at them. Reason it's taking me so long to recover is that I lost almost 3 liters of blood during the c-section and am super weak. Also have a ton of pain from the incision even though the actual delivery went well. Every time I get up I either get light headed or am in just too much pain. The reason for the blood loss was that my uterus was so much more expanded than in a singleton pregnancy that it took a little more work for it to clamp down and stop the bleeding after they babies were out. Probably a good thing I didn't try the vaginal delivery because my uterus would have been so much more irritated and tired that it would have been harder for it to clamp back down. The few hours I was in labor were pretty nasty and was very glad once I was numbed up but now the recovery is so aweful that I don't understand why anyone would elect for a c-sec if it were not necessary. But perhaps my experience is a little worse so I may be biased. Ok well I hope you enjoyed the videos and sorry for any discombobulated sentences, I'm a bit loopy from all the meds.

Here is a link to the story the Oregonian did on us and they took really nice pictures of the boy's: Oregonian Article



Jonalyn said...

My goodness, what screamers! I loved seeing Thomas holding Daddy's hand. So cute! Enjoy your meds while you've got 'em, Janét! :)

Tati said...

They all look like Phil! But they have Janét's eyes :) They're all cute little things! I love it how in the next-to-last video Thomas is just chillin... It's so cute! Hope you're feeling better soon, Janét!

Con mucho amor,
Tati & Molly

nan cee said...

You have beautiful precious boys. I could hardly hold back the tears when reading your update to Aunt Lois. She is going to try her best to come over tomorrow and watch the video! I hope Phillip got some sleep last night and you dear Janet rest as much as you can between now and when the little guys get to come home.
My love and prayers to you all,
Aunt Nancy

Justin and Sara said...

Thank you so much for uploading the videos and sharing with all of us. We just loved watching the boys. We were so happy to hear their names during the videos, since we haven't yet been able to put names with them. So is it calm Thomas, and crier Caleb, and Eli in between? Janet, we have been praying for you to recover, so super short of a delivery, but I guess you pay on the other end, poor thing. We hope you get your strength soon and can just enjoy those beautiful babies you worked so hard to make!

Erin Tole said...

Janet & Phil

Wow! They are so precious. I emailed the news team at KGW but I'm betting a lot of other folks did too... I am a newborn photographer based out of Vancouver, WA. I'd love the chance to take photos of the boys once you guys are all home and settled. Free, of course :)


Jonalyn said...

Just now saw the Oregonian interview ... glad to see one of your goals is keeping your sanity! Wish we lived closer to help w/that. My husband just shakes his head and is so glad it isn't us. :) You guys are young and strong ... you can do this!

Caitydid said...

The boys are precious. I can't stop watching the videos. The one of Thomas holding onto Phil's finger is especially sweet.

Natasha Lynn said...

Such precious little guys! Congrats to both of you!!! I know you guys probably have a ton of people offering help, but I would like to offer help to you if you ever need it! I have fantastic references and have been taking care of little ones for about 10 years now, from birth to 10 years old! I am hoping to have a career as a neonatal nurse in the future. So, please if you ever need an extra set of hands feel free to contact me any time! I would love to help out for free!


Again Congrats! Best of wishes to both of you and the boys! Wishing Janet a speedy recovery!!

Prost to the Host said...

How amazing! Congratulations on your little blessings. I can't wait to hear/see more! -Alysia

Lease said...

Congratulations on your boys! They are adorable.

Pyjammy Pam said...

Congrats on your boys! I have almost three year old BBB identical triplets and it's definitely fun. I have a Facebook group for Parents of Identical Triplets, if you want to join. :)!/group.php?gid=212970425972

And come check out my blog - :)

sophia ybarra said...

wow the boys are adorable!! i am also a first time mom but of identical twin boys and let me tell you the fun never ends!! good luck and remember every day gets better!