Friday, October 29, 2010

1 Month!

Can't believe they are already a month old! They are growing so fast, all are over 6 pounds. Lot's of squishy goodness to go around now. Caleb is a little worried about losing his preemie figure but I told him not to worry and just eat up.

You may be wondering if we can tell the boys apart, actually quite easily. We can't tell instantly but a couple of glances and we know. Here is how:

Caleb: very round head and lot's of stylish hair

Eli: narrow face as a result of his football shaped head, less hair than Caleb, and he has two cowlicks (hair swirlies) while his brothers only have one

Thomas: narrow face as a result of his football shaped head, less hair than Caleb, and has a birthmark on the top of his head (see last post for picture).

The boys really are adjusting well to life out side the womba, here are some of their favorite past times:

-Screaming, but only at night during daddy's shift
-Peeing while having their diaper changed
-Peeing on daddy
-Peeing on self, including their eyes
-Taking their sweet time to finish their bottles while their other brothers are screaming their heads off to get fed
-Choking on their milk for attention
-Interpretive dance, I'll include a video soon so you can see

Babies on our way to an appointment in their loaner car beds, or shall I say "baby torture devices."

Sweet Boy


Jonalyn said...

I love how they entertain themselves! Hopefully the "peeing on everyone" phase will be over quickly. Or that you guys will get quicker during diaper changes! ;-) Those car beds are so cool! I've never seen one before.

Tati said...

AWW they're getting cuter by the day!!! I love the first and last photos.

Myra said...

They're getting cuter all the time!!! :)

nan cee said...

It is hard to believe that they are already a month old! And how cut they are! I love the last photo, I believe it is Thomas, who I refer to as "my little daddy"! It looks like he is laughing - did he pee on you? You have to learn to throw a blanket or diaper of them until you are ready to put that clean diaper on! That is the way little boys are. Looks like they are all getting plenty to eat. Hope you are getting enough sleep!
My love and prayers to you all,
Aunt Nancy

Angela said...

They are ADORABLE! I know you're having yourselves all kinds of fun!:) Pee included! Give me a call this week. Britt and I are still up to bringing meals! I think my household is on the mend. But will postpone my visit a little longer to make sure! I'd love to chat with you if you find you have the time...haha... and want to! I'm here for you guys!

bryan said...

They look great! I'm thrilled that you can still keep posting even with your busy schedule. Keep it up!

MoDBarb said...

One month old and all are over 6 pounds....that is fantastic!
Preemies mean so much to us. I wanted to let you know that we will be participating in the Bloggers Unite Fight for Preemies event on November 17th, Prematurity Awareness Day. I thought you might be interested in joining us. Here’s a link for more info and to sign up to help us spread the word: Nov. 17th is the day we all fight – because babies shouldn’t have to.

Amber said...

Love the crisonte shaped pillow thingys. You might be able to use those things to ease them into tummy time. Or lay down on the floor with one on your chest, face down, though whether that is quite the same as tummy time or not could be debated. They may just curl up and go to sleep.

Horwate said...

Your boys are so adorable
My son too is a prem, he was born 14wks early weighing 2lbs
he is now 10mo, corrcective 7mo and now weighing about 20lbs

Prematurity Awareness Day is coming and Its nice to know I am not alone