Saturday, October 2, 2010

Boys at 2 -3 days old

Caleb, Eli and Thomas are doing great they will be receiving a feeding tube to beef them up and so they can focus on the nip instead of bottle feeding. Momma is doing a lot better after a couple rough days of recovering from the c-section, and will probably be able to come home tomorrow.

Here are some photos taken the last couple days in the NICU.

: "Que Haces Abuela?"

Caleb: guilty of stealing......Women's hearts

Eli: Warming up the lungs with a few love songs for mom

Heading off to see the boys now, we will post more photos later.



nan cee said...

They are all heart stealers! Happy to hear they are doing good and Janet is doing better! I continue to think of you throughout the day, brag about you and show off the pictures that I have printed! You are always in my prayers too. Continue to take care and try to get as much rest as you can prior to bringing home your little family of boys!
Love to you all,
Aunt Nancy

kathleen Ruiz said...

Welcome Thomas, caleb and are sooooooooo precious!!!!!So many love you and are so excited you are here and will be cuddling in mom and dad's ready arms!
Janet and Phil you are truly glowing with love and awe.
Thank you for sharing your amazing journey to parenthood....blessings to a wonderful couple and a "quiver full of handsome sons';)!!!!!

Myra said...

Wow! So Adorable! They have Janets coloring and look just like Phil. Glad everyone is doing so well!

Sara said...

You guys have me addicted...just keep loving to look for new pics of the little guys, I am becoming one of those people who checks your blog all the time... These new photos of the boys are super precious. So happy to hear that Mama is doing better. I think about you all the time Janet! Glad that they are trying to avoid nipple confusion with the boys, that is just one more struggle that you'd probably prefer to do without. Keep up your hard work with breastfeeding! We're cheering for fed and nurtured those boys in utero like a champ, so no doubt you will do awesome at feeding them outside the womb, though I am awestruck thinking of the food/energy/time that will take! Love you all!

Jonalyn said...

What handsome boys! Glad Janet is feeling better. Thanks for taking time to post pictures. Can't get enough!

Caitydid said...

Glad to know you are feeling better. I know what it is like to feel weak after a surgery.

Tati said...

They are sooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!! Perfect timing with those snapshots! I love Thomas's pic... perfect caption, too!

Lots of love, joy, and help from others so you don't go completely insane,