Thursday, October 14, 2010

Welcome Home Boys!

This morning the pediatrician called and said we MIGHT be able to bring home one or two of the boys but when I got to the NICU I was surprised to find out that all three boys would be discharged today! The house was a mess and we hadn't prepared for their arrival so soon. The boys are too small for their car seats still so we brought them home in little car beds made especially for preemies. We brought home one 5 pounder (Thomas the Tank) and two 4 pounders! So in all the boys spent two weeks and two days in the hospital.

We are so happy they are home and are welcoming visitors but we have a few guidelines that the doctors recommended, but just please call before popping in:

-No kids allowed that are in school or in daycare
-No one with diarrhea
-No one with cold/flu symptoms
-No one that has been in contact with someone with cold/flu symptoms

And be prepared for some good hand washing! : )



Jonalyn said...

Yay!!! They're home! Now the real fun starts. :) So what if the house is a mess ... welcome to your new reality! Well, how exciting. I hope everyone finds some way to rest. And when you do get visitors (who meet the requirements on your list), my mom hopes they will offer to pitch in and do whatever you've been too busy or too tired to do! (I called her & gave her the update.)

nan cee said...

HOW EXCITING!!! I agree with Eva, when someone passes requirements to visit let them help out. When the babies are asleep, you sleep. I am not sure I would allow any children to visit as they have probably been exposed to something at school. Best to take serious precautions. Well, it will take time to adjust but you will do it!
Congratulations and my love to you all,
Aunt Nancy

Tati said...

That's great the boys are home! I would've thought they'd have to stay for a while more since they're triplets AND preemies. Hopefully I will be able to visit sometime this summer when I'm not in school :)

Alexandra said...

Congratulations! We look forward to visiting sometime in the near future... and helping out! I will pass on a suggestion: if you post a list on your fridge or somewhere visible w/things you need (as in meals, etc) or things you need assistance with, it will make it easier for others to know how to help. :-) Oscar & Steph send their love!

MoDLin said...

What exciting news - congratulations!!! Now's when all the fun (and work) begins. Forget the house and just focus on the boys. But please grab some Zzzzs whenever you can because you. will. be. tired! And if anyone ever asks you how they can help, tell them they can do a load of laundry for you or cook you a meal or pick up some groceries... Don't be shy about asking for help.