Saturday, October 16, 2010

Former Wombmates


As I sat waiting for the boys to be discharged from the NICU, I looked on at the boys and wondered how long their calm preemie demeanor would last. The nurses didn't seem to have any trouble keeping them on a 3 hour eat/sleep schedule. After some more contemplating I wondered how long it would take me to mess up that schedule. I half way joked with the nurse that the minute we get them home everything would go haywire. The other half of me feared this. We got them home after a nervous car ride home, didn't want anything to happen to our precious cargo, just in time for their eight o'clock feed. As we settled in for the night I agreed to take the 2am feed and Phil would take the 5am. Unfortunately I still had to get up and pump.

Let's just say the poopie diapers hit the fan! All Hades let loose, the boys pretty much cried through out the whole night. Not all at once but they nicely took turns so as to have continuous chorus of crying. Thankfully grandma and grandpa took the 8am feed so Phil and I got a couple hours of sleep. It must have been the change of environment because the last two nights have been WAY better. All except for what I call their "witching hour," from around 1am-4am they fuss and whine and of course it's during the feeding I chose to handle. And they are worse during the 20 minutes I spend pumping and am not able to go and console them. It's hard getting up and out of bed and walking back and forth from the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen as I'm still quite sore from the surgery. I feel I'd have the energy for everything only I'm slowed down by the pain. Oh well just have to wait it out and at least we have plenty of help till the grandparents leave at the end of the month. On the bright side I think my anemia is much better, as I said before my energy levels are up quite a bit more.

I don't want you to get the wrong idea though they are really good babies thus far. In the NICU there was a little girl probably 3.5pounds that was aweful crying and screaming like someone was trying to kill her. So thankfully I don't have three of her!


Jonalyn said...

It'll get better! So sorry they decided to take turns crying. That's no fun for anyone. I'm glad you have Grandma & Grandpa helping for a while longer. At least you're not having to travel back & forth to the NICU, so maybe your healing will progress a little faster. :)

Tati said...

To quote my Dad: "The last good night of sleep I got was the night before my daughter was born."

Thanks, Dad.

At least you're getting over your anemia and feeling a bit more energetic! I'm sure you guys will actually get a good night's sleep eventually, but just hang in there! You guys are doing great so far :)

nan cee said...

Even one can keep you up all night. Mine did! You will adjust in time and be patient with the healing process. You have to remember your little belly was stretched to the limit and that alone will leave you sore. It is a big adjustment for both you and the little ones. You are doing great and you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Love to you all,
Aunt Nancy

Amber said...

Oh it was so exciting to see the three of them together. Do you try to lay them down in aphabetical order so you remember who has been fed and changed? Even if they weren't identical sleep deprivation would see me changing the same nappy three times and worrying that only one was wet :-)

On the positive side the pain will probably prevent you over doing it. I found while I was breast feeding the quality of my sleep was better even if there was less of it.

Amber said...

I forgot to say after a few weeks I got into a pretty good routine of middle-of-the-night pumping, washing and sterilizing to where I could sort of sleep standing up while the sterelizer was in the microwave, wake up with the ding and then head back to bed to join my sleeping duo. Stu and I took turns washing and sterilizing the pump (it was a hand pump and a microwave steam sterilizer, I hope you have something a bit more high tech with your increased bottle/milk load)

Sara said...

I agree, so great to see the babies together, like the one with Janet holding all three in the last blog, it really hits home to see them all together that you have THREE! Still stuns me. Janet, you are a hero, and I think all you are doing is nothing short of amazing. I found newborns just a joy every minute, but three just stumps me! I cannot even imagine! I know the pull when your newborn needs you...and how frustrating to have a delay. (It happens, even with one, you can be in the car and they start in crying and you must wait until you can safely attend to them). Your schedule sounds so organized, and tough. Glad you have help. Maybe your boys will learn patience and sharing way earlier than most of our kids... actually, maybe your kids could teach mine:)