Sunday, October 24, 2010

I smell like maple syrup

La Gran Rana Bocona taking a nap.

Swaddle houdinis, they can always break out of mommy's swaddle but not daddy's.

They absolutely hated tummy time. Will try again in a couple of weeks.

Thomas caught sucking his thumb! You can also see his little birth mark on the top of his head. Technically called a "hemangioma" (spelled phonetically), unfortunantly the doctors say it will go away in about a year or so, would have been a nice differentiating mark.

Here we are out for an outing to eat lunch at the carts near our house. Not too many stares in our deluxe limo stroller thankfully. The outing felt eerily normal.

The boys loved the walk and fresh air. The walk however was a little tougher on me though. Now that I'm feeling better from the surgery, the walk unmasked exactly how out of shape I am. Since about week 14 of my pregnancy when I was told to throw out the carrot sticks and load up on cheetos, I also adopted a very sedentary life style. Didn't want to burn up any extra calories or induce preterm labor I was told. It was very difficult but I somehow managed to gain over 60 pounds, which was an ideal amount of weight gain for a triplet pregnancy. I was over 170 lbs by the time the boys were born. I weighed more than my husband (I think), yikes! I was so heavy I had to be careful because my knees would buckle under my own weight. All at once just from the birth I lost 30 lbs. And at my two week post partum check up I had lost an additional 15lbs. So much for my idea of keeping some reserves for breast milk production. Now at 128 lbs I'm fighting further weight loss. Never did I think my incredibly good metabolism would haunt me over and over again. Well I'm back to packing on the butter to my pancakes, got to increase that milk production. I also find it funny that I'm actually taking more pills now than during pregnancy. In addition to same array of vitamins I now take 9 fenugreek seed pills/day, and 6 blessed thistle pills/day to increase my milk. A little fact I read about and quickly forgot is that the fenugreek makes your sweat and pee smell like maple syrup. I all of a sudden remembered when I started craving pancakes when I caught a wiff of myself. I think it's working but not as fast as I would like it too. I feel like giving up at times but I have to keep reminding myself that even a little bit is better than nothing. All the lactation consultants I've spoken to tell me that if you can provide 100% for your baby that's fantastic, if you can provide 50% that's also fantastic, and if you can provide 30% that's also fantastic.

The boys are doing great and getting fatter by the minute. They were at one point all head with a skinny little worm body but now their little bellies are quite round. Now they sound and LOOK like pygmy goats. Even their preemie diapers are fitting a little snug. They all weigh over five pounds and seem quite vigorous. I'm not worried about tiring them out anymore so I'm cracking down and putting them to breast more often. They still cannot take a full feed at the breast so practice we must. It would be so nice to quit pumping so much!


Sara said...

Loved these close ups of the babies. So nice to see you two out with the babies, it is a bit liberating to get out initially with a new baby, and I can only imagine with 3! They are all so cute, but our favorite thing, and I mean, Justin and I were laughing so hard we were crying was reading about you smelling like maple syrup and craving pancakes. Well, at least you have the pancake maker residing with you still! Janet, don't worry about losing weight and milk production. As long as you are eating good nutritious food every day, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and keeping up the quantity, your body losing weight should not hinder your milk production. So, bring on the butter! I always love that during breastfeeding my kids keep my weight down, and my appetite up...actually dreading weaning james one day...and having to eat like a normal woman:)

Jonalyn said...

Ha haaaaa! Syrup! I love it. :P They're growing so well! They'll get better at nursing eventually. The photos you posted are just precious!

Tati said...

That's bizarre... smalling like maple syrup... I'm glad to hear the boys are gaining weight though!

nan cee said...

They look more precious with each picture you post. Sounds like they are doing great and you are smelling sweet! Maple syrup?
My love to you all,
Aunt Nancy

Cheryl said...

I can't wait to come back and hold feed change kiss and squeeze them again. I'm truly in love with those boys.
Auntie, Cheryl