Thursday, May 5, 2011

7 months!

So is it the "swaying" chair now?

Sorry this comes 1 week late but I've been busy enjoying the sun, well its raining again so here go's. The boys are now past the half year mark, such big boys they are becoming! Although I like to think I get to enjoy babyhood a little longer than parents of full term babies : ) I've always especially liked babies before they can walk and since they seem at least two months away from crawling I'm predicting they'll start walking around 14mo, just a guess though.

The past few weeks have been marked by many little changes. The best one so far is that the pooping has subsided (see 4-25-11 post). The doc said not to worry about it unless it became diarrhea and to not stop the solids because it was probably just their systems adjusting OR that it might also be the new normal! This shook me to the core, the NEW NORMAL!?! I was about to start giving them away if that was the case.

I'm now down to one swing! They slept so well in those stupid things but I got sick of being so dependent on unreliable swings. Also we were spending a small fortune on batteries. And I didn't think it was very healthy for them to sleep in those things all day long.

I finally had to admit they were getting too old for their baby einstein (play mat/activity gym thingy). It wasn't holding their attention like it used to and they were starting to manhandle the thing and I worried they would rip it. I have it on Craigslist now : (

Thomas finally worked his way out of the Bumbo. The first time he looked so happy and accomplished, I thought I could just let him keep doing it. But the second time around he must have bonked his head a little too hard cause he started crying. Now I put a Boppy around it so he's kind of protected although he hasn't done it since. He either learned his lesson or forgot he knows how to do it. Now I'm not sure if I should retire the Bumbo's or just wait till they can get out of them more gracefully???

Caleb and Thomas I think are going through a major growth spurt, they eat everything in sight and are downing their solids like it was milk. I'm trying not to worry too much but Eli is such a wimpy eater. He still only accepts like 4 or 5 baby spoonfuls of solids and is done after that. If they were fraternal brothers I'd think "they are just different" but they are identical and have always kept up with each other quite evenly. On the other hand Eli seems as happy and content as ever so I'm trying not to stress about it.

This stage in their life I'd describe as "frustrated." They love playing with their toys but they don't sit up yet or crawl, so the minute they drop something or something is out of reach they scream bloody murder. I spend most of their play time re-handing them toys. I really hope they can do either sometime soon so they can become more independent during play time. Which comes first? Sitting up or crawling? Or is there no pattern to it?

Thank you mama Sue!
Bath time is now extra fun for us and easy on mom : )
Shall I venture to try this twice a week instead of once a week?

The best part of these pictures is that you get to see the ugly grout lines on our bathtub and our ridiculous Swedish sauna inspired bathroom (claw foot tub and remodel put off because of triplets).


Tati said...

epic baby hairdo on that last photo! love it!

Jonalyn said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE bathtime! So glad they enjoy it. I know it's traumatic for some little ones. Wish I could have seen the look on Thomas' face when he got out of the bumbo the first time :)