Monday, May 16, 2011

Aunt Candy and Mama Sue Visit!

Getting pizza at the pizza shop around the corner from our house!

That might be the last time for the bear suites, it's getting too warm for them : (

Going to the little Italian place near our house for breakfast, can't bring a clunky stroller in so the double carrier it is! (thanks sis)

In their cute red hats, thank you aunt Alona!

Since I was 23weeks along not a single month has gone by without family visiting and we are well scheduled through the next few months. We are very spoiled. We always look forward to the warm association and some much needed relief from triplet duties. Last week the boys' aunt Candy and mama Sue visited us. We had a great time and they took excellent care of our little-big family. A visit with mama Sue always means that we are rolling in pies, this time we had an apple crisp and pumpkin pie. Philip doesn't really like pumpkin pie but it's my favorite so more for me! I ate enough to make me sick mmmmmm : ) Guilt free too, I need the calories, I'm flirting with going below my pre-preg weight, yikes, not good. These boys are eating me live!

This visit gave me the chance to get most of my seedling into the ground. This is what I've got going so far:
tomatoes (3)
cucumber (2)
green beans (lots, at diff stages for continuous reaping)
jalapeno pepper
carrots- not many, couldn't get them to sprout?
squash (1, orange flesh)

Not bad, huh? Lets hope for a good growing season despite the bad forecast.

My worries have been quelled, Eli has been a really good eater the last few days. He even makes little grunting noises if I take too long to give him the next spoonful. So remember how it was Thomas who could stand well before the other two boys? We had a hard enough time getting him to stop calling his brothers "preemie legs," well here we go again. Mr. T can now roll over both ways like it's nothing, he also can do circles on his belly, a full 360 degrees if he wants. He is close to sitting up on his own although the other two are close behind. I don't know if I'd call it crawling but he does a little push up and then uses his arms to push him self backwards so he's been moving all around the living room. Consequently he's never on the floor-appropriate blanket. I picked him up once off the living room rug and his hands were full of hair (cat and human), gross! I'm a total germ-a-phoebe when it comes to carpet or as I like to call it "filth traps." So this gave me an excuse to finally get rid of it, making us a 100% carpet free household! Yes, I don't even keep a rug in the bath room (double gross). So until they can really crawl I put down a foam mat that can be easily swept, vacuumed or wiped off and it's better padded than carpet so when they roll over hard they won't bonk their heads too bad.

Next on my list is baby proofing, I've put it off somehow believing that the time when it would be needed would never come. When am I gonna find the time to do this? Are electrical sockets really THAT dangerous? (j/k)

As if the babies haven't already taken over my house, here's the new landscape.

Thomas is just as surprised as you are that he's sitting up all by self!

We finally decided on the dates for our California trip this summer. The boys are really excited and want to meet all their fans so check in with mama Sue, mama Elda or ME for the exact dates so we don't miss you (I'd rather not say on the blog in case of weirdo's). Our time will be divided between Davis and San Jose of course. We'd like to make it to one Davis congregation Sunday meeting, we are all so excited yet nervous about the drive down there.

Just when I was thinking "I haven't heard Eli talking in a while?"


Angela said...

Sitting up? Wow! You've got some movers and shakers! Hope to catch up with you soon!

Myra said...

Yay! I will email you so maybe we can make the trip over to Sue and Ed's for a visit and have babies take over the house!

Jonalyn said...

I love the double carrier! That is so cool! And I love that your house looks like a preschool now. :)

Sara said...

Boys are getting so LONG! In pics of them laying side by side I noticed how well they fill out those onesies! As for baby-proofing, with three little ones to protect, some baby-proofing will make your life easier. Nice that you have had a steady stream of family help, if you'd have known you could have had triplets a long time ago (j/k)! Hopefully it makes this super busy year much more reasonable! See you in Cali!

Sue said...

My goodness, Janet, can't believe what development strides the boys have made just since we left! Love all the pictures. Can hardly wait to get the three babies together with Rachel, Javan, and James. What fun to have six of our grandchildren all here at once.
There's always room for Elliot too. Janet you need to add a couple of extra meals each day just for you.
Eli is adorable talking on the video.------Love, Mama Sue

Jessica said...

Sounded like Dada to me!

nan cee said...

I agree with Jessica - Sounded like Eli was saying DaDa! How fast they progress in sitting, crawling, eating, and etc. Soon they will be walking, climbing, and talking! Love your living room arrangement! As always my thoughts and prayers are with you.
A. Nancy

Tati said...

love the double carrier! seems it works very well :) i'll miss the bear costumes, they're so cute!

Vancouver Elerick's said...

Cute, cute, cute as usual! It's pretty normal for babies to start to crawl backwards before they crawl forward.

Glad they are doing so well!