Monday, May 2, 2011

March of Dimes -The Walk!

5 sets of triplets did the walk! [one is not in the pic : ( ]
Ages 7mo (pitts trips), 13mo, 2.5yrs, almost 3yrs, and 3yrs old

Trying to catch up to the group by feeding the last baby while walking

I don't know what people were more excited about, that they were seeing triplets or that they were wearing their bear suites : )

The stroller gets amazingly more compact if you just turn the seats around and put them all upright. It did great!

3 sets of triplets, oh my!

All tuckered out after the walk, thought we could get away with this and not swaddle them but they only lasted about 20min before they woke up again

The bears on parade

Thank you to all our sponsors! Phil and I were able to raise $279 for Babies. Our "Triplets and More" team raised a combined total of over $1000! We had a great time and the boys really enjoyed it, Thomas even made up a "March for Babies" dance.


nan cee said...

The boys are so cute in the bear suits! It looks like you had a good time and all survived. What a nice thing to do!

nan cee said...

P.S. - Where's Goldilocks?

Jonalyn said...

Looks like it was a fun day! I love Thomas' dance. :)

Tati said...

omg that's so cute! *amazing* bear suits. i want one XD