Tuesday, May 31, 2011

8 months (Teeth!)

So much to talk about. They are changing so fast! (except for their eye color that is)

The boys were all born with those typical grey blue eyes most babies start off with. Papi has very light blue eyes and mama has brown. I expected our children to inherit my brown eyes since it's a simple recessive vs dominant gene calculation. I secretly laughed as everyone liked to predict otherwise. Well around 4/5months, when most kids' eye color sets in, the boys developed a brown ring around their pupil. Ah ha! Their eyes will be brown as I thought. Well four months later and they haven't changed! What's going on? I've asked around and some people think they might turn hazel. I don't care what color their eyes will be, I just want closure! Why is it taking so long? I think if you click on the picture to make it bigger you'll see what I'm talking about.

Caleb quickly caught up to Thomas and is now crawling backwards, but he's the first to get up on all fours. He hasn't quite figured out that to go forward you have to put one arm out and then the other, so he's been diving head first into things : P

All the boys can sit up a little but Eli has the lead and can keep it up the longest.

Philip received a mysterious package at work. He was expecting a work related package and thought this must be a mistake until he saw that there was not one but three little jackets...too much of a coincidence! Our friend Bryan sent the boys these super cute Columbia rain jackets size 2T. They are soooooo stinking cute and I can't wait for them to sport them. They even match our Columbia diaper bag backpack. These guys are now well suited for life in the pacific northwest, they are such Oregonians : ) Thanks so much Bryan we love them!

On Saturday Aunt Janet discovered Caleb had sprouted a tooth, we quickly checked the others and Thomas had one too. It's too soon, I'm not ready for this! They've lost their innocence, they can really do some damage whether they intend to or not. I'm terrified by the possibility of biting, I don't want to go through the horrible soreness again that made me curse like a sailor when the boys first started nursing.

I have more evidence that Caleb and Thomas are mirror twins. Not only do they have their cowlicks on opposite sides (Eli has two) but they each got one tooth in on opposite sides. And to make it even crazier is that the tooth came in on the same side as their cowlicks. In case this is confusing:

Caleb: one cowlick on the left, one tooth on the bottom left

Thomas: one cowlick on the right, one tooth on the bottom right

Eli: two cowlicks one on the right and one on the left, no teeth yet

The boys' Uncle Chance and Aunt Janet left this morning after a great visit : ( I'll post pictures as soon as I sort through them.

They were getting too tall for the jumping chair so I raised it up one notch...this is Mr.T figuring out how to jump on it again.


garret said...

ah, if i remember correctly, eye color is polygenic. so it wouldn't be a simple punnett square of dominant and recessive like for curly/straight hair...
it would still be pretty cool if their eye's weren't completely dark!

Myra 米兰 said...

Love the pic of Caleb on all fours! Elliot's so frustrated with his lack of progress with crawling, he still flails like a beached whale, even though he is just now starting to lift up on his arms more and put his legs under himself. he's so close!

Jonalyn said...

Those jackets are cute!! Yes, they'll totally look like Oregonians. :) Wow, when they all get good at crawling, what will you do? I can just imagine them heading off in different directions. And yes, you might get bitten, but they learn pretty quickly that biting = no nursing. Oh, and something else to confuse you about eye color ... Tati had blue eyes when she was younger (no surprise there, we both have blue). But when she got older, they turned hazel. What?! How do you have one color for YEARS and then in changes?

JP said...

human genetics is complicated but as a rule of thumb a dominant gene is expected...so weird, I just want closure, pick a color already!

Tati said...

aww, cute baby clothes!!! it'll be interesting to see how their eyes turn out :)

Amber Seah said...

Call the colour stormy they already classify as hazel.
And hazel is so much more interesting than plain blue or brown. And I'll tell you Chinese babies are not born with murky grey/blue eyes.
Samantha's eyes were black at birth and have lightened to the colour of Grandpa's coffee. The murky eyes belongs to those of european descent (including spain)