Monday, May 23, 2011

The Face of Mischief

We've been all over the place recently so it's a long one! Enjoy : )

The Face of Mischief aka Thomas, he's highly mobile and into everything!
Notice the protective boppy around the bumbo

Getting into the cd's and videos

Yes they are already fighting over toys. Thomas says, "but all the Thomas the Train stuff is mine, I don't have to share."

The other two are mischievous as well, Caleb stealing papi's informations.

Their new favorite pass time is looking for the tags on their toys and then sucking on them like it was candy.

Thomas' mischief dance (sorry for the creepy voice in the background, I was watching Howard the Duck) and the silly hand gestures he's been doing recently

Just some cute pics of Eli

At our Special Day Assembly
We drove the farthest ever with the boys to our yearly Special Day Assembly (full day of Bible based discourses/lectures/experiences). We left the house at 8:30am and drove an hour to Woodburn. Once there we fed the boys and quickly dispersed them among friends. They behaved exceptionally well as usual. I'd turn every time I'd hear a baby crying to see if it was one of mine and it never was. Everyone asks me all the time "do they ever cry?" The day went smoothly except for Eli screaming and acting really scared whenever I took him to change his diaper. At one point he started shaking with freight so I figured I could change him while he stood and I held him with one hand. I took off his diaper and as I was pulling a diaper out of my bag he started peeing right onto my shirt! I quickly put the clean diaper over his wee wee and he continued to pee all over his socks, the only thing I didn't bring extra of, why would I need extra socks? Well now I know! And of course there was a huge puddle where he stood. Thankfully no one was in the nursing room while I scrambled to clean up the mess all while holding a half naked baby : P Many people didn't realize we had triplets until the very end when we started rounding them up and someone took a picture of them that we didn't even know and without asking! We were home by 5pm and were much relieved we survived!
Our nicest family picture to date, right in front of the baby Moses painting, how appripo!

We caught Caleb in mid play!

At the Rose Gardens (sorry Roses not in bloom yet)

Someone asked to take a picture of all 5 of us and they asked this time : ) We gladly complied...when we go out we usually get told that we've made someones day. Glad my reproductive powers are making the world a happier place, hehehe j/k.
Look at that handsome boy! Thomas exudes such confidence with everything he does, even using his hemangioma as part of his charm : )

Homemade Baby Food
So I've been a lazy baby food cook, I've been relying on jarred food (can you blame me, I even get it for free) and easy fresh stuff like fruit, avocado, sweet potatoes...But the boys weren't eating very much and I didn't want to go to the trouble for such a small amount. Well they are eating a lot now and this was my first crack at homemade baby food. I boiled brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, and crushed rosemary. I blended it up and made enough for two meals. It tasted delicious even to me and the babies gobbled it up.

We also spent a day at a beautiful park getting pictures of the boys and us taken by the same photographer that did their newborn pictures...I don't have them yet so stay tuned!

Thomas says, "that's all for now folks, make sure to admire my cowboy boots on the way out!"


Jessica said...

That was great you were able to "farm them out." When you do all sit together, it will be so hard for the people behind you to concentrate through all the cuteness!

Sara said...

First, what is it with tags??? My boys had a fixation with them too.

Second, love the pic of the three playing faces in toward each other, you know, must be really cool to have two more siblings just like yourself to play with...

Third, that is excellent that the assembly went so well, I don't know if they go that smooth for me, but the diaper disaster, been there. Took Javan home in a diaper and blanket in chilly S.F. after he completely messed all 6 of his other outfits...

Fourth, I don't think you can call a mom of triplets lazy...even if you wanted to be:)

nan cee said...

Great babies letting you enjoy and take in the assembly! They are so cute in the videos and pictures. I never get tired of looking and reading your postings. I must say, for have triplets just 7 months ago, you look great Janet!
Love you all and my prayers are always with you,
A. Nancy

Myra said...

Great post! Glad you survved your assembly day and that it went so well! Elliot has a tag fixation too! he just got some fabric books that have big tags and he likes those more than the books!

Jonalyn said...

So glad the assembly went well for you! So that was a trial run before the 3-day, huh? :) The boys are so stinking CUTE! It's so lame we don't live there any more. :( I'm pretty sure I'd be borrowing at least one of your kids with some frequency. And I love the hand thing!

Anonymous said...

When those boys grow up, there will be many sister's chasing after them.

I'm going to have to send you a fly swatter!

Tati said...

mmm... tag-flavoured! good to know they're as cute and curious as ever :)