Monday, June 13, 2011

At the Beach (We Sleep Now!)

We sleep now!
Philip and I have been feeling more adventurous lately. I think it's because we have been so well rested this last month or so. The boys have been sleeping like champs. Our typical night goes like this. Caleb sleeps through the whole night 7pm-7am, the boy needs his beauty sleep! Thomas wakes up once at night but many nights he won't wake at all. Eli wakes up once or twice. They use to ALL wake up 2 or 3 times at night! Now it's really no big deal, I just nurse them back to sleep while in bed. They all start off in cribs or pack n plays and I usually wake up with two next to me. I am finally reaping MY reward for breastfeeding. No fumbling around with stupid bottles and rocking them back to sleep in the middle of the night. The best thing about them sleeping so well is that we haven't had to resort to any crying it out methods they did this all on their own!

So our latest adventure was taking the brood to the coast about 1.5hrs from Portland. We first stopped at the Blue Heron Cheese place which has a really nice shop, animals to pet, and old tractors to explore. We were tempted to do a little wine tasting but Caleb insisted we move on.

20 minutes into trying to settle into our spot on the beach made me think we had made a huge mistake coming here. Babies were crying, sand was everywhere, and we were getting mean looks from people (or maybe they were just checking out the triplets). But our good natured boys quickly adapted and were pretty much happy the rest of the time. There were lots of face plants into the sand and sand eating. Thomas alone probably ate like 4 tablespoonfuls of sand. The forecast said it was going to be 59F and overcast but it ended up being in the upper 60's and sunny, a gorgeous day. We were ill prepared no sun hats for the babies, no sunglasses for me and we all overdressed. I wasn't even going to bring the sunscreen but Phil requested it just before we left the house. The boys ended up covered head to toe in sand and no amount of dusting would be enough. When we got home the boys went straight from their car seats to the bath tub but I'm still picking out sand from their ears!

All by myself!
I went to a WIC appointment all on my own last week. I fed, changed, and loaded everyone into the car. This is no easy task since we don't have an attached garage and our drive way is too steep to bring the car any closer to the house. We were certainly not thinking 'triplets' when we were house shopping. We fell in love with our 1902 bungalow (I LOVE old houses, the older the better) mostly because of aesthetics, but I vow our next house will be purely functional and I don't care what it looks like! Ok back from that tangent. So I drove to the clinic unloaded two boys into our double stroller and I carried the third boy in a carrier. The appointment went quickly and there was not a lot of waiting around. Best of all nobody cried or got cranky.

There is definitely a sense of empowerment when a M.O.M. gets through her first day by herself with the babies and realizes "wow I CAN do this all by myself and it's not that bad!" This was another empowering moment.

They got weighed and measured:
Caleb 15lbs 15oz 25.5in
Eli 15lbs 13oz 25.25in
Thomas 16lbs 5oz 25in

Eli is practicing some ballet moves. BTW they got ripped off if they think that's a horse!
Thank God for eyelashes

That's a thumbs up for sand : P

We are prepping for our Cali trip, swim trunks (thank you Groupon) and some shirts so you can tell them apart : )

What the what!?


Jonalyn said...

My WORD. The sand! That's awesome. :)

Tati said...

Baby faceplant! And the hair! Soooo cute!!!

Myra 米兰 said...

LOVE the pics with the boys at the beach and the one with them in front of the purple flowers!

Jessica said...

The covered in sand one looks like a Save the Children photo, "with just a dollar a day, you can help this child..."
My favorite is the from the behind shot at the beach. Priceless.

Amber Seah said...

I love the Dr. Suess shirts. Who knew sand tasted so good.

Anonymous said...

a little tip I learned long ago about the beach... Take a big bottle of baby powder with you. it helps so much is dusting the sand of of them. wet or dry the powder will be your best friend.

Christina said...

Too cute and I love the last picture. Not sure what you'd call that pose, but you're about to have some walkers on your hands I think.

nan cee said...

Love the beach and looks like the boys do to! Take them back for weighing now and see how much sand they really did eat. I love the one with the purple flowers behind them and the three of them facing away from you. Darling pictures each and every one of them. Good to hear you are getting more rest! My love and prayers,
A. Nancy

Christine Huntley said...

loved the pictures and those shirts are too cute. The boys will be walking by the time we visit you again.

Sara 诗媛 said...

Sleep....ahh, the miracle drug. Each time I pass the "waking in night" with a kid, I have a surge of energy. Love the beach pictures, kids love the beach, and eating sand. Hooray for getting out on your own (well, without another adult, you will not be alone for decades:) I just witnessed a M.O.M. at the pool yesterday with her tiny twins in the huge double stroller, with three enormous beach bags on her arms and trying to steer the stroller and hold her 2 year old's hand as she walked to the car. I thought of you:) I could not leave James unattended, but wanted so much to help her.