Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Subtleties




Where's Lankston's plaid bandana?



Thomas showing off his new chompers

big eyes! (Caleb)

The Subtleties

I see each boy as being very different from one another even though they are so similar. I can't say they have stark differences (remember they are identical) and I can't completely put it in words but I can share some of the subtleties that make me feel this way. Even though they came as a package deal, three for the price of one, they are distinct individuals and I couldn't imagine being without any one of them.

Caleb: He looks the most different with his round head that's always made us think he looks like a bear. He started off being our "singleton" requiring the most attention and crying a lot but he's really become the most easy going of the trio. I'm not labeling him as the shy one but when he gets your attention he shyly buries his head. He really is a sweet boy. They all have different smiles, typically Caleb will smile with his mouth closed ear to ear.

Eli: Our singleton at the moment, I call him the monkey on my back, he seems to need the most attention which is why I think he wakes up at least once and many times twice at night. His smile is a little crooked and has a slight under-bite which makes him super cute. He loves doing his little dance were he sways from side to side.

Thomas: Mr. Confidence, the most independent of the triplets, everything he does for the first time it's like he's done it a million times before. The first time in the Bumbo he looked so relaxed and even rested his arms on it like he was sitting in a lazy-boy. The first time on a playground swing he hardly looked phased by it while his brothers were a little apprehensive. He seems to always come up with new things and keeps me cracking up with laughter, like his hand gestures and his latest were he breaths in and out quickly while puckering up his lips. He smiles with his mouth wide open making him look very mischievous now that he has teeth.

The Latest

I feel the need to blog more often now. Not because I suddenly have more time on my hands but because these guys are changing so fast and I need to capture the memories. In fact I have less time these days now that I finally settled into a routine of 3 meals of solids a day (this is on top of their 5 milk feedings during the day). I was able to fit in two no problem but was stressing out about adding in the third. It was a rough transition but I think I have the hang of it now. Everything I've read says they are technically supposed to drink the same amount of milk and solids are supposed to just add more to what they are consuming. Unfortunately this is not what is happening, I have definitely seen a decline in milk consumption. Caleb and Thomas are always offered formula after nursing and lately they hardly touch the stuff, except for the last boy to nurse at the end of the day. Not sure if it's common the see this decline but I'm hoping it's not too terrible.

So the new developments. Eli does a hand "thing" now too only it's less pronounced than his brothers. Eli has caught up with Caleb and is crawling forward now. They've left poor Thomas in the dust and they are constantly taking his toys away, I'm trying not to intervene much and just letting them 'figure' things out on their own (I've been reading and it's a tricky area with multiples, I'm trying to make sense of it). Thomas on the other hand has figured out how to sit up all by himself starting from the crawling position. I'm not sure I love this one because he sits up just fine but after a while he sometimes looses his balance and takes bad bonks to the head. He sits up were he chooses and I can't be chasing him around with a protective Boppy.

The Latest Latest

I started writing this post a week ago and had not gotten around to adding pictures and posting it. So Thomas is now crawling forward only he doesn't zip around like his brothers but prefers sitting up to play (he has better balance control now and is not bonking his head as much). Caleb and Eli zoom around the living room, which I have now fenced off for their protection, like mud sculpins and they can now sit up just like Thomas but would rather play in the crawling position.

Now Eli's hand gesture, a lot more toned down than his brothers'

T on bumbo from Janet Pittsenbarger on Vimeo.

Thomas' silly breathing thing which all the boys do now.

T sits up from Janet Pittsenbarger on Vimeo.

This is kind of old news now Thomas can sit up and end up with both legs in front of him.

Baby Babble from Janet Pittsenbarger on Vimeo.


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