Monday, June 6, 2011

Uncle & Auntie Visit!

Chance and Janet came to visit over memorial day weekend. We had a blast! They took so many great pictures with their new Canon digital SLR camera, it made both Phil and I salivate! It's been on our wish list for a while now and you can see why by the following pictures. Soon enough, its in the works! BTW Caleb sprouted a new tooth right next to the first one, he's my toothy lil' monster : P

I wouldn't have thought to notice but someone at Trader Joe's said the boys resembled Janet. I think I can see it in this picture. Eli (the one she's holding) and Janet have the same expression : )
At the english DC...the boys went as urban farm boys!

We went out to dinner and Thomas and Eli were having the time of their lives on the high chairs and banging on the tables. Then Eli started yelling something at Thomas and made him cry, poor Mr. T : (

Punch Out!

Like father like son, they were both upset that the beer took so long to come, hehehe jk!


Sara 诗媛 said...

Great pics!

Jessica said...

I am having serious camera envy. Love the bundled up baby photo.

Robbie said...

I blog-hopped over here and just wanted to say "hi." Your boys are adorable. Our guys are only a few days younger than yours. :)

Jonalyn said...

Hee! Love the last picture. And the farm boys at the DC :)

nan cee said...

Still punching out! Guess they got lots of practice in the womb! It is fun to see how much they have grown month by month.
A. Nancy