Monday, June 27, 2011

M.O.M. secret revealed

What do you do when all three are crying at once? That's the big question, everyone asks and wonders. My short answer is, it has never happened! At least not when I've been all alone with the trio. I chock this up to the boys being so good natured and my tactics : ) My secret you ask?

It's a combination of things but basically the best way to stay in control of things is to KEEP THE BABIES AS HAPPY AS POSSIBLE! I never test their limits when I don't have another adult around to bail me out. This includes not letting them get too tired, too hungry, too overstimulated, etc, you get the point. When they were little and couldn't crawl or sit up by them selves I created stations to keep them entertained. This included our Baby Einstein (activity play mat), Bumbo sitting time, bouncy chair lounging, jumping in the jumparoo, and mama one on one time. I would rotate babies through the stations as they got bored. Now it's soooo much easier, they pretty much keep themselves entertained, I just keep them corralled in a relatively safe area were they play to their hearts content.

A Standing Ovation

I think this outfit is a little big for him (Caleb)


It started with Caleb and now all the boys are experimenting with pulling themselves up and standing. So the head bonking continues, I almost start to laugh as I console them time after time. It's hard to take them serious when the minute I get them happy they go off and bonk their heads again. It's never ending...

It's so funny to see the dynamic of diaper changes through out a babies life. The stages we've gone through:

preemie/newborn: they scream bloody murder while you change them, but you can get through it fast enough since they don't have a lot of strength.

young infant: it's like a switch goes off and they instantly LOVE diaper changes.

older infant: it's a power struggle, the minute I put them on the changing table they do the death roll and I can't flip them over to save my life. I get as far as putting the diaper on and then finish buttoning them up on my lap other wise it's a very strong baby screaming bloody murder.

toddler: can any one give me a heads up? scared to even think about it

Hanging out with cousin Molly

Bad picture of snotty Eli (we've ALL been sick) but you can see their crazy eye color well


this morning, Eli, Thomas, Caleb


Jonalyn said...

You're amazing! It's hard enough to keep one kid happy, much less 3! They do seem to be pretty good natured as it is, plus you seem to be able to read them really well and can tell when they've just about had it. :)

nan cee said...

What can one say other than GREAT JOB! You seem to have every thing down pat with each changing stage! It is nice that so many family members have been able to visit and help out. My prayers and thoughts contnue to be with you each and every day.
My love to each of you,