Thursday, June 9, 2011

Onward Forward!

Urban Hiking
We had a day of 80 degree weather or as the boys call it "onesie weather." We decided to try a new park about a 1.5mile walk from our house. It's a great park with lots of playground equipment that over looks the beautiful west hills, the river and downtown. The boys, Phil and I almost melted. On the way home the only thing that kept me going was the prospect of a slurpie which by the way never happened. Curse the Plaid Pantry for removing slurpies from their selection of goodies!

Pre-kids we could have cared less for parks, playgrounds, ADA acceptable side walks (think triple stroller) and kid friendly restaurants. Now that we have the triplets we are rediscovering our neighborhood via urban hiking. Thankfully Portland is a pretty kid friendly place and very very walkable and yes real Oregonians get wet, the rain does not stop us from enjoying life although I'm very glad we are getting a break from it : )

Now that the boys are sitting up and crawling I hope that silly bald spot on the back of their heads fills in.

The boys at the park got to show off their shoulders.

The triple swing!

Onward Forward!

Caleb figured out how to crawl forward, he looks like a salamander scooting across the play mat. Eli sprouted a tooth on the bottom right just like Thomas, they all got their first teeth within 10 days of each other, boy are they identical or what?! Thomas is now trying to lift himself up (see picture below).

Caleb lunging deeper into the toy basket

Caleb making Eli laugh. Their interactions with each other include smacking each other, pulling each others hair, taking toys from each other, and now they make each other laugh.

Thomas has a one handed gesture but Caleb one up'ed him and does a two handed gesture. Sorry for the singing but it seems to encourage Caleb's ridiculous hand gestures.

Eli's signature dance he does it to all the girls he meets and it drives them crazy!

Janet and Chance framed the newspaper article about the boys when they were just born (thanks! we have it hanging on a wall already). They made it to the front page of the Metro section in the Oregonian. It will be so cool to tell them when they are older what a fuss everyone made over them. Three times on the news and one newspaper article!


Jonalyn said...

Oh my goodness. Loved watching Phil swing with all 3 of them! I like how they entertain each other. Well, now that one has figured out forward motion, the others won't be far behind!

Sara 诗媛 said...

Yes, Phil swinging with three babies was hilarious. Videos are great. Love the close up of (Caleb?) in the orange and white.

JP said...

Good job guessing! yes that's Caywibs : )

Jessica said...

They are cute in every way, but I just love their eyebrows! They are not the least bit wimpy, and so very expressive.

Angela said...

Janet they have grown so much! And are super adorable! Let's meet up soon! Any parks close by that we can meet at? We can invite some others if you want! Email me!

Aracely said...

OMG que chamacos tan deliciosos!! I cant wait for the moment when I get to hold them again! Love you guys! Aracely