Monday, November 28, 2011

14 months!

The boys showcasing their awesome Beatles shirts (gift from dad)

Caleb thinks its a modern day tragedy not to like The Beatles

We had a lazy four day weekend. We had no real plans which is nice every once in a while. It was so great to have Phil off from work, we had a lot of good quality family time : ) Phil's cousin David's had us over for a very yummy dinner one night, he and his family live about 40minutes away from us. Thanks to his obsession with finding and chopping up fire wood he keeps us rolling in wood to heat our house. He also keeps the boys rolling in hot wheels cars, we probably have close to a hundred cars already! The boys are still a little young for them, they'll get unlimited access to them as soon as they stop putting everything in their mouths. So in case anyone is wanting to get the boys a gift I think hot wheels tracks or accessories might be a good one : P

At Davids' house

Don't get your fingers nipped!

Baby Updates

Eli's right top tooth next to the two that were already there broke through sometime last week. Eli has a total of 5 chompers and his brothers both have 6 chompers.

The boys have really impressed me this last couple of months, they used to have lousy appetites but they have really turned it around. I'd say they are ALL good eaters, Caleb can really put it away, Thomas is very good at not being phased by a new texture or taste, and Eli still needs some work but he's a much better eater than he used to be.

I think the boys really changed this last month, they are looking so different, more like boys less like babies.

Taking a walk

First order of business at the play house is take down all the books from shelf

The boys cute girly friend from the hall : )


Cut their hair? Why would I want to do that?!

Caleb's round head prevents awesome mohawks, they always turn into droopy curls


The boys have been pushing their cars sideways. They learned that this is what happens when you use your car in unintended purposes. The same day Caleb did a complete 360 degree flip over his car he was in such shock he didn't even cry.


Christine said...

We sure had fun with he boys, and you too. Thanks for coming over for dinner.

nan cee said...

How nice to have quality family time! I know David truly enjoyed having you over! Love the bathtub hair styling! Yes, they are begining to look like little boys rather than babies. From what you write, they are quite entertaining!
My love to you all,
A. Nancy

Mary said...

Love the shirts!

Does the black one say "AB CD?" Ha!... Love it.

JP said...

AB/CD For those about to read we salute you : )