Monday, November 21, 2011

Last Fall Day?

Even though it still looks like fall the air was quite chilly. In Portland when you get a break from the rain you have to seize the moment and run out side!




Adorable Peruvian hats in care of mama Elda, previously seen in awkward Family Portraits post

the neighborhood cat Fuzzy, apparently he's a terror to the other neighborhood cats =^..^=

Even with a bugary nose Thomas is still such a handsome boy, he calls this look "blue steal" cause he'll steal your heart with it : )

What do you notice about this picture? The boys are all upright and playing! When the boys first learned to walk I thought how great, I can bring them to the play ground and let them go wild. WRONG! When I put the first boy down onto the tan bark it was like "OMG I'm in a sea of things I can put in my mouth even though I shouldn't." So we've been confined to the swings and asphalt otherwise every little thing they saw would go right into their mouths. Just the other day I saw Eli trying to lick up a tiny scrap off the floor! It grossed me out so much that I mopped the floor the first chance I got. I cannot wait for this stage to be over! This last day at the park was the first sign that this stage may be over sometime soon. I did have to scoop out some twigs a couple of times from Eli's mouth but that's all, I'm so happy they actually played : )

We need mittens!

By the time we made it back home the babies had claws for hands, they were frozen stiff. They wouldn't keep their hands in their pockets for more than a few seconds (well Thomas made it for a few minutes, see pic above). How did I over look this detail, we need mittens! What kind should I get and from where? Seriously can any one give me some info. I don't imagine they will want to keep them on so I need ones that have some 'trickery' so they will stay on. I also think leggings(leg warmers?) would be a good idea so I can slip them on without having to undress them. Oh yeah and I don't want to pay more than $6 for a pair of gloves, I have to get three pairs!


Jonalyn said...

Legwarmers are a great idea. Just slip 'em on under their pants. I don't know that I ever found mittens that would stay on. At least not consistently. But I did learn that you MUST get a set of clips to attach mittens to a jacket. So when the kid does figure out how to get his hand out of a mitten, at least you haven't lost it!

nan cee said...

I agree with Jonalyn on the mittins. When my kids were small I attached a string to them that went around their body to help keep from losing one. I may have put it under the jackets. I can't remember becuase it was 47 years ago. OMG, I am getting old! Your boys are just changing in every update! Wish I could could come see them.
Love to you all,
A. Nancy

Aracely said...