Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oh Crap! moment #2-4

Are they all boys?

I get this question a lot, not because my boys look ambiguous since I think they've always looked like manly boys, but because it's a lot to take in at first glance. My usual response is 'yes they are identical triplet boys' which sometimes diverts the next question "are they natural?" But that only works sometimes, when I hear identical the first thing that comes into my mind is 'spontaneous.' I guess not everyone eats, breaths, and sleeps identical triplets like we do : )

Anyways, we went to a coffee shop that had a little kids play room and we just couldn't resist dressing the boys up in girly costumes. I think Thomas takes the cake in the tutu! Hope this doesn't offend any one but this is the 21st century, we shouldn't believe in gender roles, right? : P

Pops eating his brownie with tutu man

I think Eli gets the joke

Oh Crap! moment #2

Phil finds a perfectly intact rubber band in Caleb's poop!

Oh Crap! moment #3

I hear a rattling noise. I look over and Eli is running away with my pill case. I see three pills on the ground so I run and scoop out the fourth one from his mouth. He had sucked off the pink outer coating of my prenatal vitamin. The boys can reach the outer rim of the table about an inch into it. Eli managed to grab the place mat were my pill case was sitting on and pull it off the table. Needless to say, my vitamin case now lives somewhere else.

Oh Crap! moment #4

I brought out a Bumbo that I was going to donate to the play area we are members of. We were going the next day and the babies were enjoying playing with it so I just left it out for them. This is how I found Thomas:

He used the Bumbo to climb onto the chest and grab a glass candle holder. This isn't the first time climbing has gotten Thomas into trouble. I was glad to donate the Bumbo.

Don Elias, the vest screamed 'slick back my hair'


Lease said...

Sadly at 2.5 we still get asked if our triplets are all boys, often following the question if they are identical.
I think the general public just is not exposed to identical triplets often enough to understand the basics Of course how often do you run into identical triplets if you are not related to them?
Your boys are growing so fast, I'm always amazed at how fast they change and grow.

Jonalyn said...

The general population doesn't understand the whole "you can't get identicals with fertility drugs" thing. Thus the question. But I love when you've already said "identical" and you still get the question "ALL boys"? Duh.

Anyway, Don Elias is SO handsome!

Bryan said...

Please don't dress the boys up like girls anymore. They will be scarred for life. still hurts...

nan cee said...

Sounds like the fun just keeps rolling in! I remember when David got into my purse while visiting relatives and ate some birth control pills! Scarey but the ER doctor assured us that he would be okay. (I don't think he sits down to pee anymore!) Seems like people just don't get the meaning of identical - HELLO! Although Elie looks cute with the big bow, I have to agree with Bryan. Please don't dress them up like girls again. They are little men not girls!
My love & prayers are with you,
A. Nancy

Phil said...

So that's what happened to David!


Katie said...

I just found your blog the other day. I don't even remember how, but I love your sense of humor. I actually heard myself say "oh, crap" a time or two while reading this one.

Your boys are adorable!! Thanks for sharing.

Christine said...

Pictures are too cute. I remember dressing all 3 of my younger brothers up as girls, in fact my sisters and i did the whole hair and makeup too. It was fun and they all turned out ok..:-)