Friday, November 18, 2011

Baby Sign Language

Eli chillaxing in the laundry basket, silly boy!

What a punk rocker, Eli already requested a Rancid t-shirt

Eli and Thomas (looking like a rat with his silly teeth)


After almond butter and jelly sandwiches, so messy!

Baby sign language isn't something I was ever really interested in or something that I thought I would do. This is until I started to realize that screaming and huffing and puffing isn't the best way to communicate to mom that baby wants another gold fish cracker. Since bilingual kids take a little longer to start speaking I figured it would be a good idea if we had a few key signs so we could communicate a little better. The book says to teach them only one or two signs at a time so as not to confuse them (anyone out there with experience, is this really true?). For the last two weeks we've been trying to learn 'more' and 'no more'. I've seen some signs that they are learning the sign for 'more' but nothing too convincing. We'll see, the book says that my patience will be rewarded, too bad I'm not very patient.

About two weeks ago all three of the boys, seemingly overnight, developed stranger anxiety! I think they have a healthy dose of it now. They get over it pretty quickly they just need to be distracted if I hand them over to someone, or they need just a couple of minutes being around someone new and then they stop being shy.

Caleb cut his top right tooth next to the two he already has in the top front, it's opposite to Thomas, thereby adding another piece of the puzzle to my mirror twins theory. Thomas also cut his top right tooth so now he's got four teeth up top.

Eli now gives kisses, when I ask him for a "besito" he gets tight lipped and comes close, so cute! I'm trying to get the other two to do it but they haven't caught on yet. Eli is definitely the lover of the bunch, he loves to snuggle and gives hugs all the time just because he likes to. I even caught him trying to hug his brothers but they were having none of it! Poor Eli, he just wanted a hug.

Sometimes when I write things it helps me realize why I haven't tried something in a while. A few posts back I wrote about how Eli still needed to be rocked to sleep but only for nap time. Writing about this made me realize I hadn't tried it in a while to see if this was still true. So I tried it and he wen't right to sleep all on his own. So now ALL boys go down for nap and bed time without a fuss : )

Last weekend we went to our annual Circuit Assembly and two really random things happened there. I met the scrub tech from my delivery. She was very nice and I told her the boys were thankful she was such a good scrub tech. She assured me that they left nothing behind in me : ) Apparently she's the one that set up the cell saver in case I needed it and boy did we come close! That thing could have saved my life. Good thing we didn't have to go there : )

Second random thing that happened is that I may have found a long lost relative! Besides sharing a last name both our families are from an obscure little town. We still need to figure out exactly how we are related but we both have one key relative in common. So crazy!

The scrub tech from the boys' delivery, holding my second born

My long lost relative! Don't we totally look like family? It's the pronounced eyebrows, if I didn't pluck my eyebrows they'd look like his! hehehe

We realized that Caleb is obsessed with the song book, thinking back even when he was only like 6 months old he'd sometimes get a hold of it at meetings and when we'd take it away he would always freak out. At a moment of weakness we gave it to him hoping he wouldn't destroy it. While he didn't destroy it he did mangle it quite a bit but he played with it for hours, walked with it, and even fell asleep with it in his arms. What a silly kid!


Jonalyn said...

How wild that you may have found a distant relative! How did you start talking to him ... go up to him because you thought, "hey, I recognize those eyebrows"? ;-) Love the pictures of the boys. They're so cute!

Tati said...

epic hairdos (or lack thereof) on the triplets!!! so cute :)