Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fun With Cars

The boys love the cars their Tia Aracely gave them. If I start playing with one boy and his car the other two quickly run to a car and wait their turn to be pushed around. We have a lot of fun playing bumper cars : )

Got to keep it short today, the babies are all sick, again. We've always held if not come close to exceeding the average of 1 to 2 colds a month. Phil and I managed to not catch the last one but not sure if we'll be that lucky with this one. Even though it sucks I can weather a cold no problem, only once did I really feel like I couldn't do it. Once I had battled a fever all night and I almost cried when Phil said he was still going to work in the morning because he had something really important to do. Turned out ok once I got rid of the fever, it's hard to do anything when you have body aches and delirium. Anyways, this one is bad but not as bad as the cold we got in California. Poor Thomas had it rough yesterday his cough wouldn't let him sleep and just wanted to lay in my arms all day. Caleb was obviously crankier and wheezing lightly. Eli is sick too but it's hardly slowed him down.

Thomas cut a new tooth about a week ago, it's his top left tooth next the two he already has up there. The other two boys are close behind but they haven't cut through yet.

Eli drinks whole milk from a bottle now! The first day he drank 3oz, the next day only 2oz hmmm?, then the next day 4oz, then 5oz yay! The boy just could never stomach formula but I'm relieved that he'll drink regular milk now. I nurse 5 times a day but I'm thinking about cutting back to 4 times a day now that Eli can have a bottle. Not sure when I'll do it but I'll report about it when I do.

Got more stuff to write about but I'll save it for later, got sick boys to look after : (

Funny Video of Eli, he's Phantom eating and steeling cheerios from his brother, goofy kid!


Jonalyn said...

Molly saw Eli stealing cheerios and said "How funny is that"? Loved seeing the boys with their cars. Looks like fun! I hope everyone's feeling better soon. :(

Aracely said...

OMG you killed me with that video of them playing with their cars..they are freakin cute!..im soo happy that they like them and have fun playing.. i loved it when, I think it was Thomas lifted the seat and down in the hole and tried to take off...omg...soo cute! The boys are sick again? oh my ..porque se enferman tanto? They cant get a break my poor little guys..hope they grow out of this soon...I assume as they get older the cold/flu episodes will get farther and farther apart...and they wont get them soo often.. ;(..kiss those faces for me!!! <3

Amber Seah said...

I can't believe how well they are walking. I love to watch them interacting with eachother, brilliant. Love the Cheerio steeler.