Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Thomas looking as handsome as ever even with a cheerio crumb on his lip

Eli stellar in orange

Caleb playing with my scarf

Another great visit with Chance and Janet. Oh my where to start, we seriously have way too much fun with them. We took the boys to their first zoo trip ever and saw two bears wrestling (so cool). Went out to dinner twice and the boys actually behaved well. We rode light rail twice, once to the mall and the other to the zoo, the boys enjoyed people watching on it. Phil and Chance played more Tecmo Bowl and NBA Jam than either I or Janet cared for. And we ate lots of tasty food together. Phil was home all week and we had a wonderful staycation!

 Thomas really appreciated going out to dinner that he picked up the bill!

 Phil and Chance playing video games

The latest triple hold!

The boys at the mall were a big hit to passerby's

on light rail, all bundled up


A couple of days ago the boys threw a curve ball at me. I put them down for their nap at the usual time of 11am and by 12:30pm they were all still awake! We kept hearing them chit chat away which is common for them to do but it never takes them more than 30 min to fall asleep. So nap time has been moved to 1pm and lunch got bumped down to 12pm. Now that Phil is back to work I will need a couple of days to adjust to our new routine.

Eli not too long ago cut his 6th tooth to match his brothers but just as he was catching up Thomas cut a new tooth, it's his bottom left tooth next to the two he already has. That makes a total of 6 teeth for both Caleb and Eli and 7 for Thomas.

The boys climbing abilities are quickly surpassing their judgement skills. Eli learned how to effortlessly climb on and off the couch. He seems to have no fear and is frequently at the edge of the couch. What do I do?? I have to leave the room often to change diapers or fix lunch I can't drag all three of them with me everywhere I go. I also don't imagine parents of singletons do either. I don't want to just let them learn by falling off, they could hurt themselves. Oh and Caleb this morning climbed up and over the super yard head first! He was ok but he scared the crap out of me! (Oh crap moment #9)

Through all the chaos of having triplets and them completely taking over the house I had forgotten how nice it is to have our own room! I love having the boys all in one room but the first night I had a mommy dream where I really needed to get to my babies and couldn't, so disturbing! I'm also very excited to get my dresser back into the room so I can once again have a proper underwear drawer, oh the small conveniences that people take for granted : ) When we moved out the crib I made sure to sweep under the bed and it was like a flash back in time, here is what I found:

-my breast pump charger, which I haven't needed in forever!
-3 disposable breast pads
-2 NICU pacifiers (during the first few months they were just barely useful enough that we kept them around, the boys were never that into them and their usefulness topped out at 30 seconds when they would spit them out, and only the paci's that were acceptable were the ones we got from the NICU, all other styles were entirely rejected)
-a handful of earplugs, Phil couldn't sleep through all the 'goat noises' the boys made as preemies, it was like we had a heard of goats in our room!
-1 tiny green baby sock
-1 fleece swaddle blanket
-dust bunnies a plenty, sweeping under the bed regularly is just not a priority these days

Working on writing a meaningful new year post but it will have to wait a few days : )


Jonalyn said...

Oh my goodness ... how do you babyproof for climbers? I've never had one of those! Congrats on having an underwear drawer in your room again. :)

nan cee said...

Seems like each posting the boys learn something new or do something in a different way. I always enjoy your updates and never cease to wonder how you do it. Nice that Janet and Chance got to see you again. I think of you often and you are always in my prayers.
Love to you all,