Monday, March 26, 2012

18 months!

Two days early, I know, but I've never been too strict about when I take this picture. +/-1 week is fine by me : )

As always, in birth order CET

 Doing his cool dude look (Caleb)

Go long! C

We finally grew out of our last set of Robeez, I'm sad to see them go : ( They are so cute and so easy to put on (thanks J & T we loved them!). So the new indoor shoes are Skidders, thanks to the boys' tia! Caleb wears sports balls, Eli wears outer space, and Thomas the construction motif : )

This looks like it's from a 'got milk?' or kids vitamins commercial : )

The boys playing with their eclectic collection of blocks

ETC: How cute is this, I gave them their snack cups and they all sat down together to enjoy them! What sweet brothers they are but next time I want it birth order guys!

These guys are changing! I have noticed they walk and run with more stability, their motor skills are better, they follow commands, they are obeying me slightly better (with stuff they don't want to do), and their understanding of things is also improving. They are still not much for talking since they only have a couple of words but they babble on and on like they are saying something coherent. I think it will soon snowball on us. I continue to speak to the boys mostly in Spanish (lets say 80% Sp and 20% Eng) while Phil speaks to them mostly in English. They understand too many words to list both in English and Spanish. For example, shoe/zapato, down/abajate, sit/sientate, ball/pelota, let's go/vamonos...too many to list! Stuff doesn't live in their mouths anymore, the phase of putting everything in their mouths is almost over. This might be why they have been cold free for soooo long! I'm thinking they are ready for some new experiences, like play dough! (I'll save this one for when my sister visits next month, I'll try to record it though : ) 

At around 13 mo I let the boys play with this really cool creative wooden puzzle we have even though the box said it was age appropriate for 18+ months. I quickly realized they weren't ready for it when they almost broke a window with one and all they did was suck on them. I brought it back out last week and can you believe it, they were actually trying to figure it out! There was a lot of frustration going on though, but I think it is a good sign that their little brains were working away trying to solve it.  

Caleb got himself a new molar, top left just like Thomas. The boys had their first triplet play date with another set of BBB (two id and one fraternal) that are 6mo older and oh so cute. It was cool to see what it will be like in just another short six months. We are going in for our 18 mo well child check up at the end of the week so I'll have weights and heights on my next post hopefully!

I tell the boys to sit down on the bench so I can put on their shoes and they always obey, they know putting shoes on means we are going somewhere!

Check out these finely tuned motor skills, Thomas put a Kix on the top of his straw!

 Big smile of satisfaction!

 "You have to have skills to get the ladies"

Thomas picked up all the scattered straw cups and arranged them like this! Up until now it has always been the lowest common denominator, there can be no order...but now? Things are changing around here.


nan cee said...

YES! Things are changing and I can see it in the pictures! They are still just as cute and precious as ever. My thoughts and continue to be with you.
Love to you all,

Jonalyn said...

how sweet to see them playing together!

mary said...

Love that pic of whomever it is sitting on the bench! Super handsome.

Amber Seah said...

Samantha hasn't seen your blog in a while so we just caught up on a good 15 minutes of video.
Where did you get the very cool bouncy ball castle?
They look such happy healthy boys. Remember the language boom is 15-22months so it is still early stages.
Lots of love