Monday, March 5, 2012

Puffy Vests

T, E

I got one puffer vest as a hand me down and I quickly decided that I had to have two more after seeing how cute they looked in them. After a month of searching eBay for the cheapest deals I scored two more vests for less than $4 a vest. Except for the blue/green one they are size 2T! I also noticed their 12m pj's looking a little tight so I brought up all the 18mo pj's. Can you believe it, they've always worn clothes for their age or smaller and now they're wearing stuff bigger than their actual age! 

We had a beautiful spring like day, puffer vest weather, so we went to a little restaurant around the corner that has an out door patio so the boys could run around while Phil and I enjoyed a beer and appetizer. We forgot how hard it is to go out with these guys. It was anything but relaxing as we ran after the boys while trying not to spill our beers. At one point Phil tells me "I'm going to wash Eli's hands." I thought to myself "boy, Phil is really turning into a germ-a-phobe." When he got back he told me that Eli got into some dog poop! So besides that and Thomas chewing on a cigarette butt, we managed to make it out of there without offending too many patrons. 

We continued the party in our back yard. Please don't be too horrified by it, at one point it looked like the garden of Eden back there. 

Eli and Caleb were having so much fun jumping back in forth between the couches. They were laughing and giggling with each other, I thought it was so cute, that is until Caleb missed and went down head first onto the floor : (

Million Dollar smile by Thomas

The boys love looking at our mini reef aquarium, it's a great hobby for dad's of triplets because you can do it at home!

I took Eli with me to the grocery store and when we came back I found the other two conked out on dad! Sundays are so hard juggling grocery shopping, our meeting and a messed up nap schedule : ( But God knows we try!

Baby Updates

Caleb new tooth, front bottom left side. 
Eli got his first molar, bottom left side (opposite of Thomas)
Thomas got another molar, so he has two now. 

We are going on almost three weeks since the boys last cold! I can hardly believe it after more than a year of being sick literally every other week (and no their pediatrician was not concerned and told me it was normal). I think their immune systems are getting caught up. After they were newborns I gave up trying to keep them from catching stuff because mostly it meant quarantine and we just can't live like that. I really think it's now or later, they need to get exposed to everything to build a strong immune system. Here's to fewer colds! (I hope)

For A LONG time now I've felt like a referee, breaking up fights and consoling hurt feelings. But I've noticed the boys playing longer stretches of time without intervention! They have also been obeying me a little when I tell them 'no,' and by little I mean like once out of ten times : P 

I really want to write a personality update since they have changed so much since the last update! Hopefully soon : )


Jonalyn said...

I can see why you wanted them all to have vests. Too cute!

nan cee said...

Looks like the vest will do a good job keeping them warm! They sure look good in them! It sounds like they are getting to be a lot fun!
Love you all,
A. Nancy

Amber Seah said...

I havn't been on any blogs recently but oh how I have missed those boys. I have been dreaming about being with all of you. They look as cute as ever. Wish I could give them a big huggle.

Sara 诗媛 said...

Getting so big so fast. Love those vests.