Saturday, March 10, 2012

SNOW! (oh crap! #18)

In front of Timberline lodge

Mt Hood in the background (Elevation 11,249ft)

 T and E
 Mama Sue and Papa Ed pretending to be sledding

 Mt Jefferson in the background (Elevation 10,497ft)

 Here is a video of the boys stair skills. Eli the daredevil learned to walk down the stairs in big boy style, while Thomas the more cautious one gets down 4ft away and then backs up!

Caleb and pops

We headed up to Mount Hood so that the boys could experience snow for the first time and they did not like it! No sir they did NOT like it, not one bit! They did not like touching it, walking in it, or sledding in it. So we spent most of the time in the lodge where they had a blast. To add injury to insult Caleb fell off of me when we went down on the sled and best of all we caught it on video. While he was quite T.O.'d about it he was not really injured...we all (except the babies) laughed hysterically when it happened!

Oh Crap! moment #18 (video)

Baby Updates

At going on 18 months I just thought enough was enough, they are getting too old for baby bottles! Habits are a lot harder to break the older that kids get sooo....we have been artificial-nipple free for about a week now and it has been met with great resistance. They do great drinking water from their sippy cups but when it comes to milk they prefer a nipple. They won't drink more than 2 or 3 oz of milk from their sippy cups even though I had been giving them 6-8oz bottles of milk. I think the transition is harder for them because they still nurse and get only one bottle a day. They have used straws before and done well with them so I got them these neto spill proof straw cups and they do so well with them! They are quite the professional straw drinkers I must say. I'm not sure if I should say this but we may be done with sippy cups...maybe?

Phil flew out to Spokane WA for three days for work, so this was the first time he'd ever been away from the babies and the first time I've been all alone with the boys. I spent a full day by myself which for the most part is no different than any other day except when it comes to getting them up in the morning and getting them to bed at night. These are the hardest parts of the day because everyone want to nurse as soon as they see ME in the morning, so I had to change diapers while everyone screamed their heads off and I only have two boobs so I can shut up two by nursing them while the third baby screams his head off...not fun! Then I had to go through the 5 o'clock melt down on my exhausting. The first night I thought I could work on a blog post after the boys went to bed but I was so tired I conked out in front of the tv by 9:30pm. Thankfully mama Sue and papa Ed came a day early to visit so that I wouldn't have to be alone for so long. 

I dropped one milk feeding so now two boys nurse twice a day the other three and they all get two straw cups of milk a day. The rotation goes like this now, everyone nurses first thing in the morning, two boys nurse before nap time and the third gets a sippy or straw cup, then two boys nurse before bedtime and the third gets the sippy or straw cup (we are still working out the kinks of being artificial-nipple free). 


nan cee said...

I am still laughing over the video of losing the baby in the snow! Happy to know he wasn't hurt! Sounds like the boys are adjusting to giving up old and learning new. It is good to know that grandpa and grandma got there okay and to rescue you a day early!
My love to you all,
A. Nancy

Jonalyn said...

I know Caleb wasn't thrilled with being flung off the sled, but it was funny! Love seeing them with their big boy cups!