Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What sound does a dog make?

Thomas would like to tell you what sound a dog makes...

 Caleb was having a bad night so he suckered papa Ed into snuggling him back to sleep

 mama Sue with her triplets


 that Kix on Thomas' head would have stayed there forever if I hadn't picked it off

Thomas the Working Man
I'm home from work!

 Please take my brief case dad

 that nasty ketchup stain from my lunch meeting is gonna be hard to get off

 not so tight, I want it off not on!


 Good things come in small boxes : )

Caleb, doesn't this picture make you want to give him kisses!

Baby Updates

We got some new teeth, Caleb bottom left so besides his molars he's got four teeth in a row in the front top and bottom. Thomas got a molar on the top left side of his mouth (with one directly below it), this boy is gonna be eating steak soon!


Caitydid said...

Every picture of the boys are precious.

mary said...

Aww, i love T's "working man" look!

nan cee said...

What darling pictures and Thomas need to make the sound to go with the motions of the dog barking! How funny!
Love you all,

Jonalyn said...

Goodness, your boys are so photogenic!