Friday, March 2, 2012

Oh Crap! moment #13-17

Oh Crap! moment #13

Caleb can now easily climb up onto the table, he was scared to stand up at first but has since shed that fear. Another inch and he'll be able to touch the chandelier. I like how Eli is cheering him on in the background. 

Oh Crap! moment #14

These guys don't pardon a single mistake! Caleb got into the worst of choking hazards, tortilla chips! And he was passing them down to his brothers

Oh Crap! moment #15

Seriously?! I'm so tired of rearranging furniture!!! Guess who? Caleb of course. 

Oh Crap! moment #16

This one makes my stomach churn! So I left the room to change Eli's diaper and when I came back Caleb had climbed the gate, that separates the living room from the kitchen, like he always does. This time the trash can was within his reach and there was tons of stuff on the floor that he had taken out of it. Then I saw Thomas chewing on something...make sure you have somewhere to puke after reading this....he was chewing on the styrofoam container were ground beef had been packaged! I had made something with ground beef for dinner the night before so it had been out at room temperature for almost a full day! I was on high alert for signs of food poisoning after that. 

Oh Crap! moment #17

This one almost gave me a heart attack! I left the room to use the bathroom. While I was gone the boys knocked over a lamp that I had taken the shade off of to let more light out. The lamp lives on the other side of the super yard so the light bulb broke mostly on the other side of the fence but a little spilled onto the side where the babies roam around. I'm not sure why I didn't hear the crash but maybe it doesn't take much to break a light bulb? So when I got back I didn't notice what had happened. After some time Eli gets close to me and I noticed he had something in his mouth. Nothing unusual yet since they love picking up trash off the floor and chewing on it. I go to swipe out his mouth and as I'm doing it something pokes me. He had several pieces of broken glass in his mouth!!! "How is your mouth not bleeding child!!!" Glass of all things, OMG!!! Not a single scratch was on the boy though.


Jehan said...

OH MY! That settles it, you are not allowed to go to the bathroom...

Myra 米兰 said...

Yikes!!! Not too long ago I saved Elliot from eating his night light bulb. Thank goodness he didn't bite down on it. He no longer has a night light!

nan cee said...

Oh crap is right! Maybe you should think about chaining the three of them together and handcuffing them to you so you know exactly where they are what they are doing! What little stinkers!
Love to you all,
A. Nancy

Jonalyn said...

There's no getting around it ... you are going to have to get rid of all furniture! Goodness!

Aracely said...

Holy crap! Are you serious? I got the shivers when I read the last "oh crap" moment! Ay niños! They are wild little tasmanian devils taking over the house and giving you one susto after another.,chamacos!

Caitydid said...

Reading these oh crap moments makes almost glad that I don't have children yet.