Friday, August 31, 2012

Potty Training pt 2 (Oh Crap! #34-37)

Like I mentioned before the boys spent lots of time outside in their birthday suites in California. With the help of my sister and mom, a clean 1:1 ratio, we didn't get anyone to pee or poo in the potty. Of course I didn't expect any miracles since we were away from the comfortable world they call 'home.' I (we) didn't try all that hard, we explained it to them and they sure acted like they 'got' it. They loved sitting on the potty and we praised them for it. While we couldn't even get one to pee in the potty (big sigh) it wasn't a complete failure since they are now fully aware of what pee pee and caca are. Also they now know how wonderful it is NOT to have poop smeared all over your butt and other unmentionables. They never seemed to mind it before but now they will either pull on their diapers or at the mention of a diaper change will run towards the bathroom in desperation. It was only a practice round just to see where we stand and for me to know what it is I'm getting myself into. We'll try again in a couple of months!

Oh Crap! moment #34

While most children learn to climb out of their cribs, Thomas climbs in! Still scary at the thought of an unsuccessful climb : (

Oh Crap! moment #35

Sometimes I take one or more boys with me into the bathroom because I'd rather deal with them than to hear someone scream at the thought of me leaving the room (this doesn't always happen just every once in a while when someone(s) is being clingy).

All this happened in front of my eyes before I could even flush the toilet....

Caleb turns the water on and grabs my expensive face wash (yes $6.99 is expensive for me). Eli thinks this is a great idea!
Eli usurps Caleb's position but Caleb retaliates
Eli holds his ground so Caleb pulls harder! *Flush* intervention!
Oh Crap! moment #36

They love dogs, Caleb and Eli (orange) were trying to take a better look at the yappy dog next door. You can't tell but there is an Eli sized opening between the neighbor's shed and the fence so if he had made it to the top he could easily fall through, but that's beside the fact that he's climbing the fence!

Oh Crap! moment #37

Phil and the boys are playing a game where he catches them as they are jumping off the couch (they are not yet capable of landing this on their own, so far Caleb is the only one that can jump off an 8 inch step, see video two posts back). Phil turns around for a second and Eli without a second thought jumps right off and lands flat on his face! OUCH!!!


Jonalyn said...

My comments are on potty things: It sounds like they're on their way to being super ready for using the potty. That's great! As for your potty time, I'm surprised you don't usually have all 3 of them in there! At least you got to see what the problem was rather than hearing the screams. Also, those pictures answer the question I've always had, which is: Do you take that camera EVERYWHERE? I guess you do!

mary said...

I love that you are cpturing photographic evidence of all the oh crap moments.

Dfnitely fun to look bck on someday.