Friday, November 16, 2012

Oh Crap! #43-45

As of late we've labeled the boys 'the rat pack' because as you can guess, they get into everything!

Oh Crap! moment #43

We've been giving the boys more freedom lately because they've been better about not destroying things so quickly. For example, I leave the gate from the living/dining room to the kitchen open and let them roam around the back of the house while I change diapers in the bathroom. Well lets just say they lost some freedom points when they emptied out a brand new container of oatmeal all over the floor. Oh and that's not all, it gets worse. After I did a quick clean up, I went back to wash my hands and when I came back they had emptied out the other container of oatmeal that was half full! Had I not just yelled at everyone for dumping out the first one?!?!?!

Oh Crap! moment #44

The boys have been getting really rough with their cars lately. They get on them and pop ollies, bump into each other, run over things, or what have you.

After warning Eli that he should get off because he might fall. He did not obey and he did just what I predicted. He fell back right onto his big head!  

Caleb has been riding so fast and hard that he'll occasionally flip his car back and lands just like this!  
Oh Crap! moment #45

I'd heard stories of this happening to other peoples kids and thought I was going to escape it since potty training is just around the corner (I know, wishful thinking right?). Well it finally happened. I put the boys down for a nap and I don't think they were very tired because I heard them chattering the whole time I was cleaning. I am generally bound and determined not to go in their room during nap time unless someone starts crying but it had been an 1.5 hrs since I had put them down and I could hear they were all still awake. So I went in out of curiosity and there I see Eli completely nake_d in his crib, his clothes and diapers no where to be found and poop smeared just about EVERYWHERE! I picked him up and kept him at arms length so I as not to get poop on my clothes and put him straight in the bath tub. After a seriously good lather I started drying him off only to notice he still had poop crusted onto his hands. I had to scrub his hands in the sink just to get it off. Funny thing is when I found his clothes and diaper they were completely poop free so they must have come off before he pooped. And I can't be certain but I'm pretty sure I saw him moving his jaw when I found him, ugh!

now some non-oh crap pictures...

Caleb found himself a little corner to play drums at the childrens' museum to play unperturbed. I'm convinced they need a little drum set and if I end up playing it more than the boys then so be it!  
TCE, I only caught Caleb drinking the chlorinated water 4 times!

The boys had been calling cats diddy (kitty) for quite some time now but recently Caleb has renamed them 'diddle-diddle.' It cracks me up everytime he says it! 


Jonalyn said...

Wow. Maybe duct-tape those diapers on before naps!

nan cee said...

Boys will be boys and the older they get the rougher they are. Sounds like you had a real poopy day! Sorry to hear that be it usually happens to all mothers sooner or later. :) Sorry but I can't keep from laughing at this one brings back memories!
Love to you all,