Monday, November 26, 2012

Frog Ball

the boys are checking out their new Velcro frog ball game
Caleb winding up...
throw! just too fast for Phil to catch, do you see the where the ball ended up? 
Caleb's very unenthusiastic dunk
Some very grainy pics from dinner at David & Christine's, we are very disappointed we forgot our good camera : (
Boys being shy when we first arrived at cousin David's for dinner 
CTE ready for some noms : )

what a proper boy, eating his roll with a spoon and fork : )
E with cousin David
E giving hugs freely to those that walk on four legs : )
belly rub
The extra long weekend brought us many pictures so I will post the weekend's happenings over two separate blog posts.

We had lots of family fun that included going out, staying in, eating meals and playing games together. We all even enjoyed a cold together, well I can't say we actually enjoyed it but at least it didn't slow us down at all : ) Take that nasopharyngitis!

As I mentioned above we enjoyed several meals together meaning Phil and I ate dinner along with the boys instead of eating after the boys went to bed. With time to spare because Phil was home I was able to get dinner on the table early. The boys I think are maturing because it's starting to be much less chaotic at meal times. There is less throwing and they are taking a little longer to eat (maybe because they are eating more). The biggest thing to contend to now is the 'yuck yuck' call, which in their language means "please wipe my hands' : )

Other Updates

I taught the boys to show me how old they are by holding up two fingers in the 'peace sign' fashion. But they are unable to do it, so they use their other hand to cover up two fingers and we all just ignore their thumb : )

Some new words: dump truck (C), 'help' but it sounds just like 'up' so makes for some very confusing situations. 'Apple' and 'ball.' Oh no! All English words! I can't blame them the Spanish equivalents are ayuda (help), manzana (apple), and pelota (ball). Why did I ever think Spanish was an easier language than English!

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nan cee said...

At David's, there was plenty of dogs to go around and give love to! Nice they still have the frog ball game, David and Tammy had one a long time ago but if I remember right it was just a ball, not a frog. Still fun!
Love you all,