Friday, November 2, 2012

Ring Around the Rosie

The boys would like to show you their latest trick!

Sorry for the poor video quality, we really need another lamp in the living room. And sorry you had to listen to my atrocious voice but as long as the boys like it, I'll keep singing, hehehe! So did you guess what the new trick is? Holding hands! We really should have worked on this sooner but the thought hadn't crossed my mind. We went to story time at the library where they gave us a little tour, so I held Thomas and Caleb's hand and Eli held Caleb's hand while we walked. We got sooo many 'awwwws' and I think I saw someone shed a tear they thought it was so dang cute! And it was : )

I guess tough guys drink milk from sippy cups and carry around stuffed giraffes all over the house : ) 
how do you like the MC Hammer pants I made?

2 legit 2 quit!
Thomas eating broccoli! Yes he eats broccoli : )


nan cee said...

That is the cutest video yet! I love the hugs and kisses! The close up of their faces are awasome too! And good for Thomas, he likes broccoli!
Love to you all,

Jonalyn said...

Those pants are brilliant! I am impressed you found time to sew. :)