Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2 yrs and 2 mo!

the only half decent picture we could get of all three this day, and that's after 4 separate try's!!! It almost immediately turned into this next picture.... 
Caleb still not looking at the camera, Eli just remembered I promised a snack and is signing 'eat,' and Thomas was having an exceptionally bad attitude towards getting his picture taken this day. 
This is a continuation post of last weekend's happenings. On Saturday we took it to a library just across the border in Washington. I'd been meaning to come to this new library ever since the boys learned to walk but for whatever reason hadn't. We were missing out because they have the coolest toddler area ever, I felt like I was in a children's museum....It's going down in my rainy day fun list : )   


the letter S is brought to you by Shmee or I mean Eli : ) 


T likes candid photos the best
another one of the 4 tries to get a 2yr 2mo pic

Look what Caleb found, it's a diddle-diddle! (kitty)

The boys were scared to approach the windows overlooking the street but eventually got brave enough to get close : ) 
It's a bird, it's a plane, oh yes it is a plane!
Cool views from atop the library
our last attempt at a group shot, oh well!


Rose said...

How cute.

Looks like you guys had so much fun. I wish we had cool stuff like that where I live! The neatest we got without having to dive over an hour is the Wal-Mart.

nan cee said...

They are cute even on a bad picture taking day! The library looks like a great place for them to visit!
Love you all,

mary said...

What an awesome library! Nice when tax dollars are used for the KIDS and not for old rich greedy men!

Alexis Paulin said...

How adorable!! My boys love the library in downtown couve so much! I cannot believe its been two years!! And I didn't know there was somewhere on the top. That will be our next adventure.
Agape, Lex, Josef, Charlie Paulin :)